Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Vacation

Here I go again. I have not stopped since our last vacation which began on July 4. We went to the OBX, NC. It was a blast. While I was there, I might not have said the same. We went with my husbands family which was wonderful except that my niece and nephew threw up the second night we were there. Yes, we got it. Of course! We get everything! I cant handle vomitting illnesses! They drive me crazy. On top of that our youngest ended up with hives for like 3 days while we were there (the last three days). But, all in all traffic included it was a great and memorable trip. I would do it again in a heartbeat! So we are back for a week and a half and headed out again. This time we are going with my family, which is proving to be a little difficult as well since my dad has all these ultimatums placed on this trip. Really I think he doesn't want to go and he is just looking for excuses. I am waiting for the daily phone call for something else I need to change in order for him to go. I am at my wits end! At the present time I am waiting for my hubby to finish staining the deck so that I can start packing and take our oldest to a birthday party. Oh the joy of a pool party. I have to sit there for 2 hours so I make sure my child doesn't drown in the community pool. Lets hope no one throws up or poops in it while we are there. See how I always look at the positive side of things! HA!

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