Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Starting My New Business

I am so excited to be starting my own business, Firefly Studio! I absolutely love photography. I especially love photographing children. When there is that look of wonder on their faces, it is just amazing! I am still very much an amateur but am eager to take a few classes and improve my skills. I really hope to launch my business this summer (although my knee surgery might put it on hold until fall). However, I am starting my portfolio now. I have added a link to my professional blog on the side bar so you can check out my online portfolio often. I have my first portfolio sitting on Friday. It will take place in a civil war battlefield. I will photograph two beautiful children, my niece and nephew. Thanks, Ali, for trusting your spring portraits to me! I have purchased a few props for the sitting and hope that the pictures will be amazing! I am also photographing my own children in the same location the hour beforehand! I have had my camera attached to my hip for a few weeks now preparing for this first sitting. I can't believe it is almost here. Check in on Friday evening at Firefly Studio to see the fruits of my labor. Can't wait to get it up and running.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

MeMe Monday: Home

My favorite part of my home is my bed. I know that sounds strange, but I don't really like my house. Don't get me wrong, we built our house and I had to have this model in this neighborhood. But, that was before we had kids. It was before my kids destroyed the house and the furniture. At this point, we have lived in our house for nine years and it looks like we have lived here 20 years. It is quite sad actually. And the amount of stuff that we have accumulated is unbelievable. I have been going through the kids rooms recently, trying to organize things. I have thrown out more stuff than should even be in one home and I am only through two bedrooms. But, my bed is the one place in my house that is not a mess, it is comfortable and for the most part when I lay down in it I can truly relax. Last night was the exception because I had a sick preschooler lying next to me, all hot and sweaty! But, on most nights I can lay peacefully and comfortably in my glorious bed. It is so comfortable. Two years ago we purchased a new mattress. It was our anniversary and what better thing to do than go buy a mattress. We usually scrimp on things, trying to save money, but not this time. We got just what we wanted. Of course the mattress is super thick and so high the kids can barely climb into it, but maybe that is best. No slumber parties in there. It truly is the one place in my home that I love and if I ever find my dream house, I can take it with me!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Movie Night

Tonight we had family movie night. We love family movie night. My husband makes milk shakers for the kids and they think this is just the best! No popcorn here! Just good old milk shakers! Today my middle son, bless his heart had some stomach thing going on. Diarrhea like 30 times. How is that even possible? I swear he spent more time in the bathroom than on the couch but he played outside a bit and actually wanted a milk shaker during the movie. Of course his tummy hurt again after that, and he said he didn't really like the movie. But, then again my daughter didn't like the movie either. It was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was pretty good. I actually thought there were some really funny parts. Am I going to purchase it to add to our collection, no. Will the kids be disappointed if I don't, no. But, it was cute. I think they were a little freaked out by the giant food falling from the sky. Anyway, hoping tomorrow is a brighter day for my middle son and that everyone else stays healthy. Although, I am not holding my breath!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Shout Out

This Saturday shout out goes to my mom who babysat on Sunday night so my hubby and I could enjoy and evening out. It was the most fun date night in a long time! The second shout out is to my sister who watched the kids so I could go to a work event in the evening, earning brownie points with my boss! Thanks, Ali! And the last shout out goes to spring break! Thank God you are here. I needed you so bad! Please rejuvenate me for the last 13 weeks of the school year!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Taking a Break

Today, I am taking a break from Free Therapy Fridays to put up a random post about life. I had to work late last night and Home is Where... was over watching my kiddos. Thanks, Ali! So, we are a little unprepared this morning, and tired! The house is still quiet, my husband has left for work and I am finding it so peaceful until the raging sound of the dishwasher starts up in the background, reminding me that I have to face another day of work, kids, and life in general. After all the difficulty I have had in my job lately, I need spring break which officially begins this afternoon more than ever. I have resigned myself to staying in my current job next year unless a position opens at my kid's school (unlikely). I need to be available to stop by my Kindergarteners classroom for parties and the like! Today I am missing his last preschool party, one I attended last year and so enjoyed so that I can work, ever reminding me how inadequate I am. But, I have 3 back to back students and a meeting with my "boss". I need to spill the beans to her and make sure she thinks I have done everything I can to resolve the situation that transpired. However, after that I will stop to by my husband and I some beer, come home and run if it isn't raining and then hang with the family for pizza night! Hoping Ali hosts!!!!!! I need to make sure I have all the necessities for the upcoming week and all the fun planned! Stay tuned, I plan to post about it all next week on Free Therapy Friday since it will surely be therapy for my soul! This week's therapy has been listening to the Christian station on the radio in the car all week. I am ever reminded how our God is an awesome God!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Operation Organization

Well, it happened, my ADD (no, it is not diagnosed) kicked in and I skipped right over my daughter's room and went straight to the nursery. Last night my almost two year old and I went through all his books. His book case was over flowing. I am looking for a good place to donate books to. It is pretty crazy how many books one family can accumulate. It is so hard to get rid of books, why would you do that? But, it is a fact that my son could not even find a book to read because there are too many. He was so excited when we were finished. He was talking about the books, showing his dad his book shelf, and telling me which books he wanted to give to his cousin. He loves his, B! So, I am not organizing my daughter's room one article of clothing at a time right now, I am organizing the nursery one book at a time! But, I am hoping that after the weekend, I can say that I am organizing something else like the kitchen because that needs a serious overhaul too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

MeMe Monday: Must Have It

I am hard pressed to think of the one thing I wanted more than any other. I guess there is pretty much one category that would sum it up; clothes! I was a clothes horse, still am. I love designer stuff, just can't afford it now. But, when I was in middle and high school, I pretty much begged my parents for everything the popular kids were wearing. I grew up on Long Island in an upper middle class community. Everyone had a car, most of the new and I just had to fit in. My parents believed in spending money, just not on clothes. We had a 36 foot boat growing up that we travelled to New England on each summer for a two week vacation. But, I wanted to have what everyone else had too. I begged my parents for clothes! I mowed the lawn for money and by the time I graduated high school owed my dad a considerable amount for clothing that he purchased that was clearly not a necessity to him. Of course, it was to me. I wanted people to talk to me. I wanted to be popular and I wanted people to notice me. How sad! But, I got it Sergio Tacchini jogging suits, Hot Doggers, Skidz, Farlow jeans, E.G. Smith socks, the list goes on and on. It is impressive what I had and talked my parents into.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Wife Carrying Championship!

I am sitting down after an amazing date with my husband. This blog post was supposed to be at that. It was fabulous! We went to a friend's restaurant for a beer sampler four course meal! The food was awesome. All the beer was great! The company was wonderful, what more could a girl ask for? So, I sit down on the couch to write about the intricate details, how we sat next to the brewmaster and brewery owner, and how I met a lady who is in the same Bunco group as a friend of mine. But, instead I decide to write about something that is on the T.V right in front of me, which looks hysterical. It is the American Wife Carrying Championship, from Sunday River Maine! This is my favorite ski area in the east and this wife carrying is something to see. Apparently, it takes place in the fall, this year was October and teams consist of a man and woman, which ironically do not need to be husband and wife, check it out!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Shout Out!

Today's Saturday Shout Out is for my nephew, J. Happy Birthday, big guy!!!! Here's hoping you choose a cook out for your birthday dinner so we can spend more time with you on your special day!!! Tell mommy I will bring something, although I need to know before we pick up the groceries! Have fun at the museum! Love you dude!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Free Therapy Friday: Spring Fever

Thanks for joining me and Home is Where... for Free Therapy Friday!

So many of my Free Therapy posts have had a negative twist on them. But, today I will have a positive spin on my entry! I love those first spring days! Though winter is my favorite season, I welcome those first warm days where the kids can get outside and play. We seem to reconnect and the kids seem to behave better. Maybe it is that connection that brings out the good behavior. Who knows, but I welcome it! While I type this my oldest son is dribbling a basketball through the kitchen, so maybe I just threw that theory out of the water, but in general they have all been very good. I woke up this morning knowing the temperature was supposed to climb into the mid 70 degree range. Beautiful! And while the kids are well behaved, I feel better, happier, and more energized. I feel the end of the school year is in sight! I long for those lazy days on the deck with the fail drinking a glass of wine and relaxing! I can almost feel it! Spring is a time for rebirth, not only in the literal sense, but in a therapeutic way! It is natural therapy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Complete Thoughts

1. Join Me and Home is Where... tomorrow for Free Therapy Friday: Spring Fever! Can't wait to see you!

2. I have learned a lot about myself in the past 3 weeks. The biggest eye opener...
I am not truly happy!

3. I am starting my own business. I am hoping to launch it this summer. Check back frequently for a link to my professional blog!

4. Sometimes life passes you by without you realizing it. I don't want that to happen anymore!

5. Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew! I am jealous that he loves someone from his preschool class. I guess I can accept just being his hero. Maybe I should start acting like one!

6. I have recently learned that many people are in it (it=life) for themselves. While I say that I am not a nice person, I realize that deep down I have good intentions, sometimes the means don't justify it.

7. I just want to be the best mother and wife I can.

8. I just want to be happy with my life. In the end, when I look back, I don't want any regrets. Now I just have to make it happen!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Operation Organization

It has been a few weeks since I last posted about my home organization project. I have beeen working on it although not as hard as I would like. I am absolutely spent when I come home from work right now. It is more emotionally draining than anything. Although, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for about three weeks now. So I am adding to my mission. I am now trying to simultaneously organize my home and my life. I tackled the boys room which took me the better part of a week. I learned that I need to do it all in one sitting or in two seperate but smaller purposeful sittings with specific goals for each. My daughter is now begging me to do her room. The younger of the two boys who share the room is a Messy Marvin and never cleans anything up. I took him to Target with me to purchase some organizers. He asked for a specific blue three drawer cart style. I told him that I would agree to buy it for him, if he agreed to clean the room. When we got home, he begged me to clean and organize the room. I finally did the next day and he was right there with me filling the organizer with what I asked. He knows where it all goes. And today for the first time I asked him to clean up his room and he did! Amazing! I am sure the novelty will wear off. It always does, but now I have hope. He has done it and knows he can do it. I threw out two trash bags full of "stuff" and there are only toys that are truly played with and they are now being played with properly! I am loving it! So, my daughter wants me to organize and clean her room. I do it regularly because it is always a disaster. But, I will go through it like I never have before. My goal is to get rid of all the Littlest Pet Shop toys. I am not holding my breath. But, maybe she will agree. There are a ton!

As for my life, it is in serious need of a make over. I have not been truly happy with my career for a long time and I have finally admitted it and am ready to make a change. I have to work outside the home. I don't have a choice, but I do have a choice in what I do. I always said the most important thing was the schedule so I could be home for the kids. But, if I am consumed by a feeling of sadness and disappointment in what I do when I am not with them, but I can't be a good mom if I am not happy. I can't be a good mom if when I am with them I am disconnected. A co-worker made me realize this. However, I have the power to change it. I need to continue to teach, but I have decided to start my own photography business. I am nervous. Nervous I will not be any good at it. I am nervous it will not take off or that I don't have the skills to make it happen. But, I have to try. I love photography and am motivated to take amazing photographs and for an amateur I think I am pretty good at it. I still have along way to go, but I am refreshed at the idea that there is light at the end of this dark teaching tunnel. I recently reminded myself that I student taught so I had a teaching certificate to fall back on. I never intended it to be my career. I loved my husband and adired him for going back to school, going into debt, and changing from a high paying, high profile career to teach because it was his passion. However, I was not strong enough to do that. Maybe I am now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday!

MeMe Monday: Prom

Gosh, I have to think all the way back to prom. It was 18 years ago! How am I supposed to remember that? Oh, right because it is prom! And yes, it was eventful! I went to several proms during my high school career. I went to my junior prom, a friend's senior prom, and my own senior prom. I never had a boy friend for prom although the guy who took me to his prom wanted our relationship to be more than it was, annoying then, flattering now! But, for my prom I went with a friend. He was a really good friend and only a sophomore. Unfornately, his grandfather passed away a week before the prom. At first, he wasn't going to go which at the time was horrifying for me. I would have missed out, there is no way I would have gone alone! As it was, I wasn't sure I was going and at the last minute decided to, borrowed a dress from my sister and joined some friends in their limo. This proved to be a problem apparently, since the limo was really crowded and I ended up fighting with another friend over it and riding home from the prom in the front seat with my date and the driver. But, I digress... So my date's grandfather died and he decided to attend prom with me anyway, however he was unable to attend any after parties or the weekend of fun planned for after the prom. All of my friends were going to Great Adventure, in New Jersey the day after the prom and then out to Montauk on the east end of L.I. the following day. My date was jewish, I grew up in a very jewish area and it is customary to sit shiva after a death. After my prom, instead of going to Great Adventure or the beach, I spent the next few days sitting shiva with my prom date's family. It was interesting to say the least and I will never forget that experience. It is funny, I am not sure if my husband even knows that story. I have recently told him a bunch of stuff that I was shocked I hd told him before. We have been together for a long time and my past without him seems like it never existed. But, if he doesn't know this story, it will not surprise him! He would expect nothing less from one of my life experiences!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Shout Out!!!!

Trying to think of something fun to do for a random Saturday blog post! Needing some positive energy in my life, I decided to create the Saturday Shout Out! So here goes! I want to send a shout out to my two older kids who complete their Basketball seasons today! They both worked really hard and I think they had a great time playing! I had a great time watching them develop their skills. They have both had a couple of games where they just shined! I am hoping my daughter has a star performance. My son played this morning and he played a solid game! My daughter is a great dribbler. She is small, but she can dribble like a pro! I hope she dominates today! Love to see them go out on top! Also, have to give a shout out to their fantastic coaches! My daughter's assistant coach is easy on the eyes, love watching him coaching from the side lines! Don't tell my husband, he, he, he! You rock baby!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Therapy Friday: Doctor Woes


Join me and Home is Where... for Free Therapy Friday! Today's prompt, Doctor Woes. Have you had a bad experience with a doctor visit? Have you ever been so annoyed you could scream at the doctor? Have you had to battle insurance? Spill it here! You know the drill. Write a post and link up! Hopefully, we can provide your therapy, doctor free today!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know I have been having problems with my knee. I played soccer as a child and during my 11th grade year, I tore my ACL, Meniscus, and damaged the cartilage in my left knee. My coach told my parents not to take me to the doctor unless they had to and I guess they didn't feel like they had to. However, I knew there was something wrong with my knee, but I was a kid and was out of luck. As a young adult, I was able to run and continued to play soccer, although not with the intensity as previous to my injury. I never had the same confidence in it. After having kids, I took up running again after 8 years of not running due to pregnancy and child birth. I recommitted to myself and my passion for running and completed my first (and possibly only) half marathon last May. By October, 2009 I had developed pain different to any I have had in my knee before. I knew it was time to seek medical advice. So I made an appointment with an orthopaedist who was very highly recommended. Initially he thought my PCL was torn, but an MRI confirmed it was my ACL. He recommended strengthening it and continue on with life as if there were nothing wrong with it. I wasn't satisfied and was less than impressed with this man who I felt really didn't listen to my needs. I asked a PT friend of mine for a recommendation and he gave me two names. One was a doctor about 45 minutes (without traffic) from home and the other was local. He felt like I should see the one further away because he has seen more of his work than the local guy. However, it was a second opinion and i figured maybe he would recommend PT to address the weakness and call it a day. No, two days before Christmas I saw him and he told me that he recommended reconstructing my ACL, cleaning up the Meniscus as best he could, and doing an OATS procedure which transfers cartilage from a non-weight bearing portion of my knee to the place where the cartilage is damaged. The surgery it long 2 1/2 hours and after I would be 6 weeks non-weight bearing. With four kids and full time job in which I have to be on my feet working hand on with students, I was shocked to say the least. Oh, and he told me no more running. I didn't really want to believe it. I asked why his recommendation was so drastically different than the other physician and he said "35 year old mother of four, just let it go". He said the surgery was major and it was a huge recovery. I liked him a lot, I just was in shock. I told him not running anymore wasn't an option. I left his office still in shock and angry that this injury had not been addressed properly when it happened. However, it was Christmas. I had to let it go. And I did for a month. I continued to run and went about my business. My husband and I went back at the end of January to ask more questions and get every bit of info about the surgery we could. We both liked him a lot and he made a lot of sense. He also told me that he is 100% certain that if I do nothing I will need a knee replacement in the future and if I have the surgery and run on it it will be the same result. He is giving me a chance at not having one by performing the surgery and putting these restrictions in place for me. While, it kills me not to run, I know that I want to ski and be active long into my retirement. I can't ski with a knee replacement so that's it. But, he has only done 4 of these surgeries (the cartilage transfer). So I sought a 3rd opinion and decided to see the doc that my PT friend recommended. I made an appointment the next day and had to wait over a month. I thought, well he has to be good. Last Wednesday I drove the 40 minutes toward the city and proceeded to get lost for 30 minutes after that. I walked into the appointment 2 minutes late and noticed that someone was signed in at the same appointment time. I thought great if I hadn't gotten lost. But, also thought well it must be for a cortisone injection or something. They wouldn't double book it. Oh, yes they would! I waited a hour and half. The mother of the girl who he saw before me said to the doctor "thanks for fitting her in today". Oh no you didn't, I waited over a month and you fit her in and now I had to wait an hour and half to see you! When he came in, I was already annoyed. Then when I was speak, he cut me off. I was explaining my active lifestyle. I felt this was important so that he knew what my goals were. Ultimately, he recommended reconstructing my ACL to "buy me some time" before a knee replacement. Really, buy me some time. That is the best you can do? My sister thinks that the 2nd opinion is giving me the best option because he is younger too. He is about my age I would guess. She thinks that more progressive teaching was done when he went to medical school. I really like the 2nd surgeon and now need to figure out when to schedule the surgery. I was so annoyed by the 3rd doctor I could scream! How is it possible that someone be so inconsiderate that you wait an hour and half and then don't give the patient the time to fully explain their concerns. I just don't get it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Therapy Friday Prompt

Join me and Home is ... tomorrow for Free Therapy Friday! Our prompt for tomorrow is Doctor Woes! Got a story about a doctor visit? Need to vent about health insurance? Bring it on! We can all relate when it comes to going to the doctor!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Less than Perfect!

As my profile notes, I am striving for impossibility. I am reminded of it frequently, but not often like I have been over the past two weeks. Unfortunately, the bullying incident that took place last week (I posted last Friday about it), has taken quite a toll on my. I told a co-worker that I was broken. And it is try. I spent an hour on the phone with my co-worker last night, from 4-5 p.m. on my oldest son's birthday! When the phone mysteriously dropped the call I started cooking dinner. Our children get exactly what they want for dinner on their birthday. My son chose hot dogs and his favorite fries , "Crispers". However, when I went to pull the fries from the freezer to prepare them, I noticed that there were no Crispers! At this point, I had to put the four kiddos in the car to drive to the grocery store all the while trying to get my co-worker back on the phone. I never got her back, probably a good thing. Unfortunately, they did not have Crispers at this store, so I frantically phoned my husband who saved the day by picking them up at another store. However, when I arrived home and prepared the rest of the birthday dinner, I realized that I didn't have a number nine candle. As I said, he is the oldest so when his birthday rolls around I have to buy that number. I re-use the candles for the rest of the gang. Bless his heart, when I put the nine candles on the cake he said "You can put the number nine in the middle". I of course told him I didn't have it and he was perfectly fine with it. He and I are cut from the same mold so he gets it all. He sees my worry, which kills me! He knows I can't let it go, because he can't and he cuts me some slack because I think he is wiser than his years and recognizes when I need his support! I promised him that I would have a number nine on his family birthday cake this weekend! And I will. My daughter's birthday is today. She turns 7. I have that number and she chose baked mac and cheese! It is her favorite recipe that I cook. I have all the ingredients. I planned to make it this week anyway. They were on my original grocery list. The one I made before I realized that I needed birthday meals for my kids. Because these two weeks, I have been "getting by". It is the best I can do. I have become very aware of my imperfections. My friend noted on Facebook the other day that her daughter, who is in my daughter's class was not looking at the camera in the class picture. I thought it was weird that we didn't get one. And then I realized that I had never ordered one and I never even saw a order form. How did I miss that? And I have two kids at that school. Thankfully, my daughter's teacher is amazing and within 15 minutes if my emailing her she responded to say that luckily they provide each teacher with extra which can be purchased for $11. I sent two checks in backpacks this morning. I had to of course explain to the kids this morning what I had done and that I would scan someone's picture who we knew into the computer and I would print the picture myself for them. They were o.k. with that. But, it is just another reminder to them that I am human and that humans let each other down. Why do I let my kids down? Because I can? Because I can't do any better than what I am doing now? Because I have too much on my plate? (That is my daughters favorite, she just doesn't get what it means when I try to explain it to her.) Or is it because I am human? I hope it is the later and that I can do better next time. I tell me kids that all the time. I will try harder. I will be on the computer less. I will not yell as much. But, I guess that is part of life, recognizing our imperfections and striving for better. Maybe my profile should be striving to be better, not perfect which is the impossible! Hmm...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Free Therapy: Ya Big Bully


Welcome to Free Therapy Friday with Me and Home is Where... You know the drill, write a post and link up with us. Thanks for joining!

Bullying... Hmm... I can think of many occasions when someone in my family has been bullied. I can also think of many occasions where someone in my family was the bully! But, most recently I have been bullied. It happened this week at work. I was accused by someone in a higher level position than me that is not my supervisor of doing things that I have not done. She clearly did not have the full story, linked several situations together, and basically did not do her research before laying into me. I have very little respect for this person now. I previously thought of her as a very strong, articulate person who is very good at what she does. I no longer wish to be at her facility and avoid her at all costs, I even went out of my way to walk away from her car in the parking lot. However, she was successful in getting what she wanted which was the best of me. For that I can applaud her. She was also successful in another respect. I would have previous fought for what I think is best in my field of expertise and now I will just go with the status quo because I don't want a confrontation. I have too much else going on in my life to exert energy and fight for what I believe in at her facility. I could believe from this situation that I am weak, but I am choosing to not engage her. I am choosing to let it go because I have bigger fish to fry and other facilities that appreciate the efforts I make everyday and I have a family that needs a Mom and wife that has the energy to fight the fight for them. Because they are who I do this job for, to provide for, and I need to be 100% plugged in when I am with them because the precious hours of the day that I can't are lost and the hours I am with them need to be the most productive they can be!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Skew: A Round Table MeMe Discussion American Idol

American Idol...
My husband is addicted. I basically watch because of him. We are committed to so many shows though, it is hard for me to sit through AI! It is a good time to catch up on the blogs I follow! Luckily we have DVR so we can fast forward through the horrible performances which there were a lot of last night. I think we fast forwarded through about three before I fell asleep lying on my hubby! Love that Man! As for the show in general. I would have to say I like the judges as a whole. I think Randy is great most of the time, honest. Although, he does repeat himself an awful lot. I guess I just realized this now. He says the same thing over and over and over... Simon is great! Brutally honest! Fab! Cara, I am not sure about her. She seems to be trying to take over! Does she own the show? And what is up with her look? She changes it ever 15 minutes! Last night's was interesting. How did she get her ponytail to do that? And what was up with the puff in the front of her hair. When I pull up the sides of my hair, I attempt a messy little puff and often think how early 2000s of me! And Ellen, what can I say about her! I love her, but she is really out of her element! She should stick to what she does, comedy! She is hysterical and sometimes that shines through on AI and that is when I feel like she does o.k. But some of her comments seem to be a reach! It is like she doesn't know what to say and tries to pull something out of the sky. Oh and if she apologizes again I might die. I am sorry Dory! Love you though! And that's the Skew!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming Home

Today was another bad day! Last night at dinner our youngest seemed fussy. We took his temp. It was 100.0. Not a fever, but enough to make me go hmm... Could be teething, those two year old molars are coming in! He woke up at 4:30 a.m. fussy, but not warm so I brought him in bed with me. By 6:20 a.m. he was an oven. I walked him in to the bathroom to my hubby who would stay home with him today and apologized since he was already dressed and ready to start a fun filled work day. He had a bunch of stuff going on. This was inconvenient today to say the least! So, we took our little one with his 103 fever downstairs for some Motrin and cuddle time in front of the T.V. and proceeded to make our arrangements for the day. Turns out he has Strep. If you read my Post It Notes last week, I mentioned that I knew it was lurking! Intuition is not often wrong! Luckily, so far our middle son is negative. He is our recurrent Strep child this winter! One more bout and he goes to the ENT! I have a feeling I should schedule the appointment! I went to work while hubby took care of all that business. I had a minor crying fit at my desk at work and then proceeded to go about my workday in a somewhat subdued manner. I then went to an orthopedic appointment, the third opinion on my knee. This proved to be the biggest waste of time in a long time! On the way to the appointment I got lost for 30 minutes (more crying) and when I got there, five minutes late (I hate being late so I always allow plenty of time), the doctor was running 1 1/2 hours behind. I left my appointment 2 hours and 15 minutes after my scheduled appointment time to drive home in rush hour traffic which took 1 hour 15 minutes. All the while thinking that I am going to stick with the local, younger surgeon who takes me only slightly seriously, but knows me very well! But, after putting that to rest, I realized that I would be more excited than I have been any other day in a long time to walk through that door and see my four blessings from above! They are the light of my world and remind me why I do what I do everyday. Unexpected blessings and reminders come at the most appropriate time! Thank God for that reminder today!

P.S. I didn't start my organization today, but that is another reminder from above! It will still be there tomorrow and that is by God's grace!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Early Spring Cleaning

Wow! Two posts in one day, amazing! I have been thinking all day about a plan to get a handle on my house. When I say get a handle on it, I mean the house is completely out of control! The kids stuff is every where. The house has never been organized from the day we began unpacking boxes nine years ago and it is finally to the point that it is causing me to go out of my mind! I am not sure where to start but at least I am able to tackle the laundry again! While, I have about ten loads lying around I will have to start cleaning. My goal is to tack one "thing" each day throughout the spring season. I am starting now because I can't wait until later this month. To hold myself accountable, I will post my organization/cleaning activity of the day right here on my blog.

The first activity will be the older boy's room. This may take a couple of days because of work/afterschool activities and H.W. There are two bookshelves in there that are absolutely overflowing! There are currently Legos all over the floor which I will some how attempt to get in one storage bin. Hopefully, I will be able to tell the difference between the Legos and Playmobil and each can have their own bin. Truthfully, as I think about it and begin to list it all it seems like it will take me all week and possibly through the weekend to really get through it all properly. I guess I will post my next organization/cleaning activity when I complete the boys room. My fear is that I will get off track and start another task before I finish this one. My husband would probably bet on that! He says I am ADD. There might be something to that. Hmm... Notice there is no H in there! There is no hyper for me if anything it is quite the opposite which is why I don't seem to get anything done! Hmm...

Post It Note Tuesday!