Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Operation Organization

Well, it happened, my ADD (no, it is not diagnosed) kicked in and I skipped right over my daughter's room and went straight to the nursery. Last night my almost two year old and I went through all his books. His book case was over flowing. I am looking for a good place to donate books to. It is pretty crazy how many books one family can accumulate. It is so hard to get rid of books, why would you do that? But, it is a fact that my son could not even find a book to read because there are too many. He was so excited when we were finished. He was talking about the books, showing his dad his book shelf, and telling me which books he wanted to give to his cousin. He loves his, B! So, I am not organizing my daughter's room one article of clothing at a time right now, I am organizing the nursery one book at a time! But, I am hoping that after the weekend, I can say that I am organizing something else like the kitchen because that needs a serious overhaul too!

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Ali said...

I will see if our school is still donating books to a school in Africa.... If they are I can bring them in.