Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Wife Carrying Championship!

I am sitting down after an amazing date with my husband. This blog post was supposed to be at that. It was fabulous! We went to a friend's restaurant for a beer sampler four course meal! The food was awesome. All the beer was great! The company was wonderful, what more could a girl ask for? So, I sit down on the couch to write about the intricate details, how we sat next to the brewmaster and brewery owner, and how I met a lady who is in the same Bunco group as a friend of mine. But, instead I decide to write about something that is on the T.V right in front of me, which looks hysterical. It is the American Wife Carrying Championship, from Sunday River Maine! This is my favorite ski area in the east and this wife carrying is something to see. Apparently, it takes place in the fall, this year was October and teams consist of a man and woman, which ironically do not need to be husband and wife, check it out!

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