Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Weekend Fun!!!

This weekend was a blast. I have to say, I am sitting on the couch with my husband watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and a absolutely exhausted! But, we had a fabulous time skiing and playing in the snow fun park at the resort. I was so proud of all my kids. The older three did such a great job on the slopes and I always enjoy skiing with and watching them ski down the slopes in front of me! My youngest had a good time playing with my husband at the fun park on Saturday, but after having been there once, he was more aware of what it was all about and played on every play structure today! I had the joy of being with him today and loved watching him explre and have a fun time! I think that is what makes me happiest, when my kids smile and laugh and I can tell that what they are doing in making them happy! We are gearing up for my little one to begin Soccer Tots on Saturday and I can't wait to take him there and see him kick the ball around and play with our friend's little girl! Sometimes, I need to remind myself how much I enjoy my kids, when the yelling and fighting get to me, it is important to remember they are kids and need my support and love, not frustration! Wow! What a weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Therapy Friday: Free Write

Thanks for joining Me and Home is Where... for our first Free Therapy Friday! We hope that you will find therapy here when needed. Sometimes, we have found you need a place to vent, a place to write down your thoughts. Having a support system is key in life. We thought we could offer that through the world of blogging. Often times I can go back and read something I have written and laugh about it.

This week we have decided to start off with a free write. Let's us know what is on your mind. What are your frustrations? For me it is Washing Machine Woes! My washer broke (I wrote about it in my last post) and my husband thought he could fix it! Makes me laugh! But, really it is not funny because tonight I spent the evening washing clothes at my sister's house and am sitting preparing tomorrow's post while the laundry dries and it is only the first of three loads I have to dry tonight. By the time the second load goes in I will be able to post this as a Friday post. The rest of the family is in bed, cozy and warm. But, looking at the positives I will get to watch the ladies figure skating in silence and I can take out my frustrations on appliances while I ski on Saturday in clean ski clothes.

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Things I Just Can't Say...

It has been a rough almost 24 hours now. Thankfully nothing life altering going on, just annoying! It is funny how things can be o.k and I say o.k. because they weren't great and then they seem to spiral downward.

Last night at 8:00 p.m. my washing machine decided it was tired an stopped working. It doesn't osculate. So my husband decides that if he empties it he may be able to get it to work again. However, he was unsuccessful and at 8:20 I called the phone number and made an appointment for a service call for Monday afternoon! All the while I am thinking, but can't say; Please go buy a new washing machine so I can do laundry and not come home after skiing (with a bunch of water, smelly clothes) to piles of laundry which I will have to wait to wash. I told about half a dozen people, I just couldn't say it to my husband.

Last night, I sent an email asking for help in paying for an online course I am taking for work. This morning I receive an email from a technology specialist from the county in which I work telling me that he knows that the company that I am taking the course through has sent several emails and I should follow the directions in the email after reading it. Oh thank you, I forgot that part! I tried to log into the system but was unable and once logged in after retrieving a password that matches none I have ever used before for work, I have to navigate through a bunch of different screens to find the payment button. Thanks for your help again! And I am sorry that I am completely technology illiterate! However, you should read my blog!

The overall lack of communication and the playing of telephone that goes on at my job every day floors me. Why don't people listen to what you are saying, take it in and absorb it and then use it to make appropriate decisions? Hmm...

Why is it unacceptable to say what you are really thinking in most situations and what would the ramifications be if you did?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Introducing Free Therapy Friday!

Ever felt like your head was going to explode?

Ever get so stressed out the only thing that helps is a good cry?

Come on we have all been there. Some more than most, but we all need a good therapy session with our friends once in a while. Afterwards we can often laugh over the kind of day we had or the stressers that caused us to falter. So join Mommy’s Daze and Home is Where… for Free Therapy Friday every week. Sometimes we will have a good venting session, or a writing prompt, or just some good laughs. We can all link up and provide free therapy for one another. Often hearing about other people’s stressers puts things in perspective for me. May it will for you too! So sit back, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

MeMe Monday: As Seen on T.V.

My oh my! I am an infomercial junky, mainly because there is nothing on t.v. at the ungodly hour I am sometimes awake in the morning. But, I have to say I have never bought anything. My husband has though. When I had our daughter who is now almost 7 I had an emergency gall bladder surgery when she was 5 weeks old (this is a whole other story which could be quite a lengthy post). I was in the hospital for two nights and my husband had to feed our daughter who was breast fed a bottle and somehow get her to sleep. So, he sat in the over-sized chair in our bedroom feeding and sleeping with our daughter and watched a great deal of t.v. During these two nights he had seen to infomercial for the Shark Sweeper and decided to purchase it. They even suckered him into the extra battery. It proved to work for our family, quickly picking things up off the floor after dinner, but then again so does the dog. The dog was by far more expensive so the jury is still out on the better purchase there. We no longer have the Shark Sweeper. My mother-in-law gave us a swivel sweeper because she didn't like it. I prefer that and so does our youngest. He sweeps constantly! I train them young! I am so busy I have to!

I have to say that I have no idea what is out there right now. I have wanted many products seen in infomercials though; Magic Bullet, Space Bags, Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter (I guess I did purchase this one from Target, not worth it), Perfect Pancake, that brownie pan thing. I could go on! But, I am able to show restraint, because I know it will shop up in the As Seen on T.V. aisle at Target before I know it and I can buy it there minus the free gift that I will pay $29.99 in shipping for!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Therapy: Week In Review

I had no idea what to write about this morning. It has been a pretty crazy week. And although I hate to admit it, I think I needed to get back into the routine of daily life. The kids have for the most part calmed down after being off school for 8 total school days due to the Blizzard of 2010. They are back to school almost full time, with 2 hour delays through today! Their activities have run as scheduled. I have had my scheduled meetings and those missed due to snow are being rescheduled. Trying to get everything done at work has proven to be a little tricky but because many areas are still not clear, some of my students have not come to school giving me extra time to get caught up. I at least have had time to develop a new schedule so I know where I need to be and when during the work week. My thumb has been causing me some grief after a fall skiing last weekend, I didn't have it looked at although clearly should have because it is messed up! My middle son ran into a door jam at his older brother's basketball game which forced a trip to the ER and precluded me from taking care of my thumb. It started to feel better so I ignored it and then it started to get worse! I go in this afternoon to see the orthopedic surgeon who will likely do my knee surgery in the spring. It is quite amusing with my thumb because I have dropped so many things on the floor this week. They just slip right out of my hand because I can't really hold anything. I think it is skier's thumb! We will see if my diagnosis is correct. Yesterday my husband had a lovely meeting at work where he was officially told he would loose the grant that provides him with 7% of his salary. The good news is he will work a half hour less. The bad news is that the expectations are the same. Not only that, but we will also loose our health insurance benefit because they have decided that they don't care that you and your spouse both work for the same school district and will take away our reduced rate. P.S. they are not telling anyone though! Oh and I wanted to put my youngest in day care because my kids eat nothing but snacks all day and because my mother lets my kids eat in the family room (or anywhere else they want) I am embarrassed to have people over my house because my couches should be condemned! And I love to entertain! I live my life everyday wanting it to be something other than it is. It is not that I don't love my life, I have everything I wanted, a loving husband and 4 amazing kids. But, I am currently lost in my life. I have no idea which way is up because I have volunteered for all these activities at the kids school and church and now can't get out from under them. I want to be the perfect "homemaker" (I just got into my time machine and travelled to 1950)! I like to bake and prepare homemade meals, plan new menus, do crafts with the kids, and volunteer for many activities at their school. I have neglected church where I feel like I should be providing service; I am currently the family forum leader. This group is so in the dark about who I really am. If they only knew! They would see that I don't have it all together! I have repeatedly told my husband in the past week that I want to move. I want to get out of this crazy fast paced area in which we live. I am from NY. My husband would never move there because he doesn't like the lifestyle and everyone is rude. I totally agree, but feel only slightly different living where we do. It is just as fast paced, the people are nicer (it is a southern thing) and everything is newer, but 15 years from now I fear it will be just like where I grew up. And this makes my youngest child 16, still in HS and totally hating us if we were to move then. So that is it, my week in a nut shell. But today I feel some sense of relief. It is Friday and I have let all this out. My husband is a saint! He listened to it all yesterday afternoon after the meeting. He is so loving! Amazing! And so I can go on until my next emotional outpouring in the same manner as I live the rest of the days! And hopefully I will be able to enjoy a glass of wine tonight at BUNKO and not drop it on the floor because of my thumb!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Skew: A Round Table MeMe Discussion The Olympics

The Olympic games, absolutely my favorite. But, I am a sports fan. Here's an example, I am supposed to have knee surgery and am no longer advised to run even after surgery. This puts a larger damper on my plans to run half marathons! So, instead I focus on skiing, since it is ski season and remind myself that at 70 I want to be skiing. So, this past weekend I injure my thumb. It is a wreck! And I am going to my orthopedic surgeon so he can make it so I can ski next weekend for what could be my last trip of the year and before surgery. As I sit and watch the Olympics last night I realize that if they can ski and compete with major injuries and be somewhat close in age to myself, than I should be able to also. But, seriously my oldest is sitting and watching last night's recorded games and I am telling him which parts to watch. "Watch this because there is a big ski wreck." "Watch this I love Lindsey Vonn." "Watch this our snowboarders are amazing." It is all so exciting. I can't watch luge anymore which used to interest me. And I could take or leave speed skating. But, I am a winter gal and love all the winter sports. I can remember watching the Olympics as a kid and loving every minute and I have to say the same is still true. We even plan a regional themed meal for the opening ceremonies. However, no one like the lamb casserole that graced our table a few nights ago. It was nasty! And that's my skew!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meal Plan Monday!

I am trying meal plan Monday! My cousin always asks me to email her what I make as does my sister-in-law. After finding this blog link up, I decided what a great way to ensure that I provide my meal plan lists for these family members and I could also track my menus to see what we are eating. My husband always asks why I never make the same thing twice. Now I can proved that I really do. So here goes!

Monday: Baked Mac and Cheese

Tuesday: Casserole Dinner of Lamb Chops (Canadian recipe in honor of the Olympics)

Wednesday: Taco Night

Thursday: Crispy Chicken Fingers

Friday: Mega Meatball Pizza

Saturday: Spaghetti and Sausages

Sunday: Well, that's on next week's menu! I plan Saturday to Saturday!

MeMe Monday: You can quote me on that!

Quotes, my goodness! That is hard! I have a new one, just picked it up last week in memory of Captain Phil Harris from Deadliest Catch. "Oh, crab farts!"

Another quote that I apparently say a lot is "that is not necessary". My kids say it all the time to each other. It is so funny to hear them say stuff that I say and using it appropriately.

My favorite quotes however are the ones my kids have used and I might just have to steal one of my nephews. Here are the top 10!

1. "Look Mommy, a mini-worker." My daughter said this about a little person working at a store when she was 2 years old.

2. "Mommy, did you just give that eagle a pretzel." My middle son said this about a seagull that found a pretzel on the beach next to where we had just finished eating pretzels.

3. "When I go underwater does my butt look fat?" My oldest son talking about his butt at the pool.

4. "Can we butt skate?" My two oldest children asking if they can sit on a bowl and slide around the bath tub.

5. "Boots not come with that." My daughter explaining to my mother that Boots (from Dora) did not come with her Dora Talking dollhouse.

6. "Countabetical order" My oldest son said this about putting books in numerical order.

7. "It's a bruises shirt, same like you, Mommy." My daughter talking about a strappy tank top that apparently looks like a bra.

8. "Can I have beans?" My daughter asking for chocolate covered raisins.

9. "Is that our cooker?" My oldest son talking about our server at a restaurant.

10. "Don't kick me in the penis and balls." My nephew in church on Christmas Eve about my son attempting to kick a Hot Wheels car out of his hand.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Five Days is the Maximum Amount of Time...

Five days is the maximum amount of time children and their parents can be snowed in without losing their minds! I have officially lost, my mind and so have my children. In the summer when I am off from work, we take day trips to the farm or the Children's Museum and the kids have swim team practices, so there is always something going on and they need a little down time. We need a little structured time outside the house right now! So, I am in the process of planning structured time for the remainder of the week. This weekend should bring our normal activities of Basketball and Winter Swim so that should get us out enough to prevent us from going stir crazy! But for today and tomorrow I must come up with something constructive. The Olympics begin tomorrow night and that will occupy our evening with a traditional Canadian meal. I always try to make or order out something specific to the region of the Olympics for the opening ceremonies. It is fun and while the kids may not eat it, my hubby and I enjoy trying something new! Wish me luck in my search to find the perfect activities to keep us all sane!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Snow Day

I am really trying to keep the kids occupied and out of each others hair. It snow again last night and this morning and the wind is howling outside. My oldest son walked over to a friend's house, literally around the corner and he said his face was stinging on the way there and the way back! It is bitter cold outside! So, for the first time since the "big snow" no one will play outside today! What to do? Make homemade pretzels. We had a good time and my Kitchenaid mixer did a great job of mixing the dough, making this a super easy activity for me! My hubby is downstairs playing Sorry with the older three as I brew a cup of coffee and write this blog post! Then I will make snowmen out of yogurt containers.

Homemade Soft Pretzels

1 pkg. yeast
4 C. flour
1 1/2 C. warm water
1 T. sugar
1 T. salt
1 egg beaten

Mix yeast, water, sugar, and salt in a bowl. Add the flour. Put the dough on wax paper on a table and knead until smooth. Cot off pieces and shape into whatever you like, letters, hearts, etc. Place them on a cookie sheet and brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with kosher salt. Bake at 425 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. You can also use cinnamon sugar, Parmesan cheese, etc. for topping instead of kosher salt.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010


I am skipping MeMe Monday and writing about the Superbowl! It was a blast! We had our family's traditional carpet picnic with little appetizers as our main dish. The kids chowed down on the little hot dogs. Should have known! My daughter was so excited about the commercials and we all had our favorites! Everyone was cheering for the Saints, except my daughter who has to cheer for whoever everyone else is not routing for! Her favorite thing about the Superbowl is that it is the end of football season. So we cheered, we laughed, and had an all around good time until the fourth quarter when 4 of us fell asleep. I was one of them. I guess mixing a glass of wine and bottle of beer is not a good idea. And so it is that the Saints won and we are all excited, well minus my daughter who really could care less!

Here are some of our favorite commercials! What are yours?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010

I was awoken this morning at 8:45 (it was my sleep in day) by my middle son. "Mommy; Daddy told me to wake you up." My initial thought was, who is vomitting! I am of course thinking it is my little guy because I hear him crying and the bathroom doors was closed and I could see the light coming out from under the door. But, I realized shortly that all the kids were present and accounted for in the family room. So I ask my husband what's wrong and he said "sorry, I waited as long as I could, I need to try to save the trees". So out he goes to try to save the trees. We've lost three so far due to the weight of 20 inches of snow. My daughter accompanied my husband as did the dog. Luckily the dog is huge! He is a black lab that is over 100 lbs. He's just big so he was able to navigate through! My little guy kept yelling about the trees so after my husband finished saving the trees, he took the little guy out to see the trees! That little one loves his Daddy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day Take 2!

Another snow day today! In anticipation of a major snow storm, the schools closed today so that the kids would slip! As I sit here right now they are calling for near blizzards conditions and there are 8 inches of snow on the ground. I spent the day working on my digital scrapbook from our ski vacation. I love the Creative Memories digital scrapbook software! It has been amazing! I finished the entire year, 2009 by the end of the first week of January 2010. This has never happened before! Even before I had kids I was never able to complete a year's worth of pages the traditional way. I swore when the software first came out I would never go digital and I would never purchase a Storybook. But, less than 3 years later, I absolutely can't imagine going back. My only fear is all the picture I have already printed and all the traditional scrapbook materials I already own. I guess over time I will go back to it to finish what I started, but for now keeping current from where I am and trying to go back slowly to what is not already printed and work on that will have to be good enough! Which it is, I sit and look at last years album all the time. I guess for me, it has paid off. Even the Storybooks from the 2 trips we took last year are frequently off the shelf! So tomorrow is the "real" snow day. I wonder how much we will get and if my little guy will be able to navigate through and when will they call school for Monday so I can escape and take the family skiing! Only time will tell!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a Snow Day!

I absolutely love the snow! I was so happy to wake up to over 5 inches of the white stuff! It is a snow day here, no school for the kids, which means no school for me! Love that! And so in a few short minutes I will take my kids outside to play in the snow and enjoy our snow day! I love the feeling of a snow day too! It always seems that things move more slowly as if time passes more slowly. Many of my friends can't wait for the kids to go back to school. Not me! I savor these days. They are my absolute favorite days off of school during the year. My kids school system has built in far more days than the one in which I work. I will now have to work later this month while my kids are off enjoying an easy and relaxing day at home. My mom on the other hand will have a more difficult time as she will now have to work instead of enjoying her day off too. Well, off I go to get the kids and myself ready for some snow fun! I have the squirt bottles full and am ready to paint the town or at least the backyard! It is a new snow day activity for us so I think the kids will spend a little more time than usual! Can't wait to play!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

MeMe Monday: What Stop Sign?

It's MeMe Monday!

Top 5 Times I Have Been Pulled Over!

1. I was pulled over for the first time on the way back to school (Graduate school) from home in NY! I was on the highway and was 19 miles per hour over the speed limit, 1 mile per hour away from reckless driving! Since I had never been pulled over before, the officer sited me with Failure to Obey a Highway Sign! It was a much less fine and points on my license!

2. I was pulled over for running a stop sign in front of my work location. When the officer asked me if I didn't completely stop because I was late to work, I answered yes. Then he asked me where I worked and I pointed to the school which I was sitting in front of. Wouldn't you know, I had to stand at bus duty that morning starring across the street at him. He was substituting for our usual crossing guard.

3. I wasn't really pulled over, but caught by a red light camera! I was trying to keep up with my husband because I didn't know where I was going! I blame him (JK)

4. I was trying to run home during the day to check on my oldest son who was home sick (stomach virus). I was pulled over going 14 miles per hour over the speed limit. It was a motorcycle officer! I just started sobbing. I blame my husband for that one too! I was driving his car. I couldn't tell by feel how fast I was going. (O.k. again, JK)

5. Oh that is it. I guess I am not such a bad driver after all!