Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Just Can't Say...

It has been a rough almost 24 hours now. Thankfully nothing life altering going on, just annoying! It is funny how things can be o.k and I say o.k. because they weren't great and then they seem to spiral downward.

Last night at 8:00 p.m. my washing machine decided it was tired an stopped working. It doesn't osculate. So my husband decides that if he empties it he may be able to get it to work again. However, he was unsuccessful and at 8:20 I called the phone number and made an appointment for a service call for Monday afternoon! All the while I am thinking, but can't say; Please go buy a new washing machine so I can do laundry and not come home after skiing (with a bunch of water, smelly clothes) to piles of laundry which I will have to wait to wash. I told about half a dozen people, I just couldn't say it to my husband.

Last night, I sent an email asking for help in paying for an online course I am taking for work. This morning I receive an email from a technology specialist from the county in which I work telling me that he knows that the company that I am taking the course through has sent several emails and I should follow the directions in the email after reading it. Oh thank you, I forgot that part! I tried to log into the system but was unable and once logged in after retrieving a password that matches none I have ever used before for work, I have to navigate through a bunch of different screens to find the payment button. Thanks for your help again! And I am sorry that I am completely technology illiterate! However, you should read my blog!

The overall lack of communication and the playing of telephone that goes on at my job every day floors me. Why don't people listen to what you are saying, take it in and absorb it and then use it to make appropriate decisions? Hmm...

Why is it unacceptable to say what you are really thinking in most situations and what would the ramifications be if you did?

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Ali said...

I wonder what the ramifications would be if you said what was on your mind, I am sure if I did that it would not be pretty!