Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Skew: A Round Table MeMe Discussion The Olympics

The Olympic games, absolutely my favorite. But, I am a sports fan. Here's an example, I am supposed to have knee surgery and am no longer advised to run even after surgery. This puts a larger damper on my plans to run half marathons! So, instead I focus on skiing, since it is ski season and remind myself that at 70 I want to be skiing. So, this past weekend I injure my thumb. It is a wreck! And I am going to my orthopedic surgeon so he can make it so I can ski next weekend for what could be my last trip of the year and before surgery. As I sit and watch the Olympics last night I realize that if they can ski and compete with major injuries and be somewhat close in age to myself, than I should be able to also. But, seriously my oldest is sitting and watching last night's recorded games and I am telling him which parts to watch. "Watch this because there is a big ski wreck." "Watch this I love Lindsey Vonn." "Watch this our snowboarders are amazing." It is all so exciting. I can't watch luge anymore which used to interest me. And I could take or leave speed skating. But, I am a winter gal and love all the winter sports. I can remember watching the Olympics as a kid and loving every minute and I have to say the same is still true. We even plan a regional themed meal for the opening ceremonies. However, no one like the lamb casserole that graced our table a few nights ago. It was nasty! And that's my skew!


Oka said...

I enjoy the Olympics, and love that my kids get into it. It fun to watch them get so excited.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Lamb casserole?! For reals?!!

Thanks for giving us your skew!!


VandyJ said...

My oldest son is getting into the games this year--he's six. He wants to learn how to go fast down the hills. We don't call him Turbo for nothing. The Olympics rock!

Ali said...

I was wondering how the lamb casserole was going to come out!