Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Weekend Fun!!!

This weekend was a blast. I have to say, I am sitting on the couch with my husband watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and a absolutely exhausted! But, we had a fabulous time skiing and playing in the snow fun park at the resort. I was so proud of all my kids. The older three did such a great job on the slopes and I always enjoy skiing with and watching them ski down the slopes in front of me! My youngest had a good time playing with my husband at the fun park on Saturday, but after having been there once, he was more aware of what it was all about and played on every play structure today! I had the joy of being with him today and loved watching him explre and have a fun time! I think that is what makes me happiest, when my kids smile and laugh and I can tell that what they are doing in making them happy! We are gearing up for my little one to begin Soccer Tots on Saturday and I can't wait to take him there and see him kick the ball around and play with our friend's little girl! Sometimes, I need to remind myself how much I enjoy my kids, when the yelling and fighting get to me, it is important to remember they are kids and need my support and love, not frustration! Wow! What a weekend!

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Ali said...

So sweet, I am sure they had a blast!