Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010

I was awoken this morning at 8:45 (it was my sleep in day) by my middle son. "Mommy; Daddy told me to wake you up." My initial thought was, who is vomitting! I am of course thinking it is my little guy because I hear him crying and the bathroom doors was closed and I could see the light coming out from under the door. But, I realized shortly that all the kids were present and accounted for in the family room. So I ask my husband what's wrong and he said "sorry, I waited as long as I could, I need to try to save the trees". So out he goes to try to save the trees. We've lost three so far due to the weight of 20 inches of snow. My daughter accompanied my husband as did the dog. Luckily the dog is huge! He is a black lab that is over 100 lbs. He's just big so he was able to navigate through! My little guy kept yelling about the trees so after my husband finished saving the trees, he took the little guy out to see the trees! That little one loves his Daddy!

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Ali said...

I cannot believe your poor trees! That is nuts!