Thursday, February 11, 2010

Five Days is the Maximum Amount of Time...

Five days is the maximum amount of time children and their parents can be snowed in without losing their minds! I have officially lost, my mind and so have my children. In the summer when I am off from work, we take day trips to the farm or the Children's Museum and the kids have swim team practices, so there is always something going on and they need a little down time. We need a little structured time outside the house right now! So, I am in the process of planning structured time for the remainder of the week. This weekend should bring our normal activities of Basketball and Winter Swim so that should get us out enough to prevent us from going stir crazy! But for today and tomorrow I must come up with something constructive. The Olympics begin tomorrow night and that will occupy our evening with a traditional Canadian meal. I always try to make or order out something specific to the region of the Olympics for the opening ceremonies. It is fun and while the kids may not eat it, my hubby and I enjoy trying something new! Wish me luck in my search to find the perfect activities to keep us all sane!

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