Monday, February 15, 2010

MeMe Monday: You can quote me on that!

Quotes, my goodness! That is hard! I have a new one, just picked it up last week in memory of Captain Phil Harris from Deadliest Catch. "Oh, crab farts!"

Another quote that I apparently say a lot is "that is not necessary". My kids say it all the time to each other. It is so funny to hear them say stuff that I say and using it appropriately.

My favorite quotes however are the ones my kids have used and I might just have to steal one of my nephews. Here are the top 10!

1. "Look Mommy, a mini-worker." My daughter said this about a little person working at a store when she was 2 years old.

2. "Mommy, did you just give that eagle a pretzel." My middle son said this about a seagull that found a pretzel on the beach next to where we had just finished eating pretzels.

3. "When I go underwater does my butt look fat?" My oldest son talking about his butt at the pool.

4. "Can we butt skate?" My two oldest children asking if they can sit on a bowl and slide around the bath tub.

5. "Boots not come with that." My daughter explaining to my mother that Boots (from Dora) did not come with her Dora Talking dollhouse.

6. "Countabetical order" My oldest son said this about putting books in numerical order.

7. "It's a bruises shirt, same like you, Mommy." My daughter talking about a strappy tank top that apparently looks like a bra.

8. "Can I have beans?" My daughter asking for chocolate covered raisins.

9. "Is that our cooker?" My oldest son talking about our server at a restaurant.

10. "Don't kick me in the penis and balls." My nephew in church on Christmas Eve about my son attempting to kick a Hot Wheels car out of his hand.


Adoption of Jane said...

HAHAHA @ Bruise Shirt!!

Oka said...

I just love what kids say. Here at my house my daughter is the best at it :D

Ali said...

Got to love the things kids say! Especially when it comes at times when you wish they would hold their words! But it does make for a good laugh.

Leiah said...

Dying here! Snorting and extremely not very ladylike I might add. "Countabetical" I thought was the best until I got to the last one. Love how he mixed up the anatomical with the slang...awesome! Stopping by from Supah's ~ have a great week!