Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Daze

I just love summer. This week has been great so far. We have done a bunch of stuff around the house. We have played with the kids and gone to the pool. Our middle son did not want to go to swim lessons or even get into the pool. But, he conquered his fear and took his swim lesson like a big boy and even swam in the pool back in the neighborhood later in the afternoon. It was great to see! He has done well with it the rest of the days this week too. My husband and I went out to dinner tonight. It was so yummy! Thanks to my sister and her husband who came to watch the kids so we could get away. It is nice to have them so close, not just to hang out with, but to babysit swap too! After we returned from dinner, we played outside with the kids. They played in the water table (literally) and then I started squirting them with the garden hose. They loved it. At the conclusion of that we came inside to get PJs on and had a little dance party before going to bed. I guess it takes the death of a famous singer (Michael Jackson) to bring the family together for a good ol' dance party! The kids had a blast. Although, somehow our middle son injured his nose and then ended up with a headache. I hope he is o.k. Pretty freaky! So tomorrow, I get to go mini-golfing with my daughter and her teacher from this past school year. It is weird to say past school year. Can't believe it is over. But, for my sake am glad it is. Can't wait for the pics from the mini-golf and to scrapbook that page. I am just loving my digital scrap booking software! Fun, fun, fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marathon Training Begins!

Today is the day! Yes, it is Father's Day, but it is also the day my marathon training begins. My poor husband! At least for his sake I ran less today than on Mother's Day! I am trying to figure out which training program to use and when I am going to fit in the increased level of training required to complete and do well in this marathon. I am 18 weeks out from the start and am overwhelmed by the thought of running it. However, at various times during my half marathon training, I was the same way and look how that turned out (brilliantly). Although, I do need to be more committed and do a better job of sticking to the training program because I can't just run and hang on until the end like I could during the half marathon. So, 5-6 days a week of running begins today. My goal is to complete the marathon in less than 4:30 and be able to go to work the next day. It is interesting to read some Mommy running blogs and talk to various people about training and when they find the time to train. It is just so hard to find the time with work, kids, PTO commitments, church commitments, and trying to give my husband some free time. It is hard. Running is my free time and that is work. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I love to run! But, if you gave me a choice of going out with the girls in the neighborhood or running, I would pick going out. I love my friends too. So balancing it all is difficult and now with this marathon coming up, I have to be even more proficient at balancing my time. So, I will get up early, run late in the day, and try to be the best Mom and wife I can be and go to work and do my job all because running is important to me and to my health. One of the best gifts I can give my kids is a healthy mother and instill a love of having an active lifestyle whether it be running, swimming, soccer, baseball, biking. I just want them to be active and healthy for a lifetime!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fell of the edge!

I have been on the "edge" for over a week now. Friday night, I finally fell off! I got an email about work in the late afternoon on Friday (right as I was getting dinner on the table). It said I would be working at a specific school two days a week. Unfortunately, it is going to add about an hour total on my commute each day and probably means I will be giving up all my students! I am still not sure about it and whether I will continue with my job or not. I still have a ton running through my head and need to continue to let it sink in a bit more. It is not the actual job or the fact that I will be school based. I knew that, but it is real now. It is also the commute. I am seriously dreading it! There has been so much going on between the kids sports, work, trying to manage the house/laundry/cooking, and running (just to name a few), I have felt overwhelmed and it has all been building up and I just couldn't let it out (crying). After I received my email, the flood gates opened! And they really have not stopped. I had no idea you could go to bed crying and wake up crying the next morning. I also didn't know it was possible to cry while on a 4 mile run! I also thought running was supposed to be therapeutic. I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay for therapy or try to fit that into my already crazy life. This morning I found myself cooking up a storm. It is what I do when I am stressed. I find it therapeutic. I made muffins, eggs and toast, the most perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich my daughter will ever eat, Jello, and the list goes on. I hope by the end of the week this will all have sunk in, I will be fine with my job and I can enjoy the summer! I love the time I get to spend with my kids, the relaxed lifestyle we live and that I get if only for 10 weeks (or less depending on the summer) to be just a Mom which is what I just want to be every day. Without working. If only...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, I finished this half marathon, I ran a 5K this past Saturday and now it is hot and I have no motivation to go out and runt his afternoon. I also have no motivation to do anything else. I will probably end up taking the kids to the pool. They get off the bus just before it opens and it is usually the first thing they ask me when I see them. I am inclined to go before dinner tonight since my husband will be a little late coming home from work. However, I was thinking of trying to convince him to take the family to IHOP (kids eat free on Tuesday evening). I am not sure though. I am trying to loose some weight for the summer and it is already upon us (summer that is). I guess I could attempt to eat healthfully if we go. I guess I need to sign up to run some more races so I can get my butt in gear. I need something hanging over my head to motivate me right now. Isn't that terrible? I am usually a driven person, but I am tired after a long school year and am longing for those lazy summer days. I just love summer. It i not just the weather, but the relaxed attitude I have (or at least more relaxed attitude than normal). So, maybe if I have a race hanging over my head, some plans to work with my daughter on her reading this summer and a commitment to spend more quality time with the kids I can hang in there for the last 13 days of school and drive it home! Or at least I can hope to!