Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, I finished this half marathon, I ran a 5K this past Saturday and now it is hot and I have no motivation to go out and runt his afternoon. I also have no motivation to do anything else. I will probably end up taking the kids to the pool. They get off the bus just before it opens and it is usually the first thing they ask me when I see them. I am inclined to go before dinner tonight since my husband will be a little late coming home from work. However, I was thinking of trying to convince him to take the family to IHOP (kids eat free on Tuesday evening). I am not sure though. I am trying to loose some weight for the summer and it is already upon us (summer that is). I guess I could attempt to eat healthfully if we go. I guess I need to sign up to run some more races so I can get my butt in gear. I need something hanging over my head to motivate me right now. Isn't that terrible? I am usually a driven person, but I am tired after a long school year and am longing for those lazy summer days. I just love summer. It i not just the weather, but the relaxed attitude I have (or at least more relaxed attitude than normal). So, maybe if I have a race hanging over my head, some plans to work with my daughter on her reading this summer and a commitment to spend more quality time with the kids I can hang in there for the last 13 days of school and drive it home! Or at least I can hope to!

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Dutch said...

I thought I was the only one trying to hang on for the remander of the year!