Friday, March 5, 2010

Free Therapy: Ya Big Bully


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Bullying... Hmm... I can think of many occasions when someone in my family has been bullied. I can also think of many occasions where someone in my family was the bully! But, most recently I have been bullied. It happened this week at work. I was accused by someone in a higher level position than me that is not my supervisor of doing things that I have not done. She clearly did not have the full story, linked several situations together, and basically did not do her research before laying into me. I have very little respect for this person now. I previously thought of her as a very strong, articulate person who is very good at what she does. I no longer wish to be at her facility and avoid her at all costs, I even went out of my way to walk away from her car in the parking lot. However, she was successful in getting what she wanted which was the best of me. For that I can applaud her. She was also successful in another respect. I would have previous fought for what I think is best in my field of expertise and now I will just go with the status quo because I don't want a confrontation. I have too much else going on in my life to exert energy and fight for what I believe in at her facility. I could believe from this situation that I am weak, but I am choosing to not engage her. I am choosing to let it go because I have bigger fish to fry and other facilities that appreciate the efforts I make everyday and I have a family that needs a Mom and wife that has the energy to fight the fight for them. Because they are who I do this job for, to provide for, and I need to be 100% plugged in when I am with them because the precious hours of the day that I can't are lost and the hours I am with them need to be the most productive they can be!

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