Monday, March 22, 2010

MeMe Monday: Must Have It

I am hard pressed to think of the one thing I wanted more than any other. I guess there is pretty much one category that would sum it up; clothes! I was a clothes horse, still am. I love designer stuff, just can't afford it now. But, when I was in middle and high school, I pretty much begged my parents for everything the popular kids were wearing. I grew up on Long Island in an upper middle class community. Everyone had a car, most of the new and I just had to fit in. My parents believed in spending money, just not on clothes. We had a 36 foot boat growing up that we travelled to New England on each summer for a two week vacation. But, I wanted to have what everyone else had too. I begged my parents for clothes! I mowed the lawn for money and by the time I graduated high school owed my dad a considerable amount for clothing that he purchased that was clearly not a necessity to him. Of course, it was to me. I wanted people to talk to me. I wanted to be popular and I wanted people to notice me. How sad! But, I got it Sergio Tacchini jogging suits, Hot Doggers, Skidz, Farlow jeans, E.G. Smith socks, the list goes on and on. It is impressive what I had and talked my parents into.


Brittney said...

Lol... thats real nice.. parent get a boat & we have to beeeeg for designer jeans! LMAO

Lisa said...

This issad...i have never heard of any of those name brands!

I think parents like to hear us beg.

Ali said...

Hey you had to look good on the boat right?