Monday, March 15, 2010

MeMe Monday: Prom

Gosh, I have to think all the way back to prom. It was 18 years ago! How am I supposed to remember that? Oh, right because it is prom! And yes, it was eventful! I went to several proms during my high school career. I went to my junior prom, a friend's senior prom, and my own senior prom. I never had a boy friend for prom although the guy who took me to his prom wanted our relationship to be more than it was, annoying then, flattering now! But, for my prom I went with a friend. He was a really good friend and only a sophomore. Unfornately, his grandfather passed away a week before the prom. At first, he wasn't going to go which at the time was horrifying for me. I would have missed out, there is no way I would have gone alone! As it was, I wasn't sure I was going and at the last minute decided to, borrowed a dress from my sister and joined some friends in their limo. This proved to be a problem apparently, since the limo was really crowded and I ended up fighting with another friend over it and riding home from the prom in the front seat with my date and the driver. But, I digress... So my date's grandfather died and he decided to attend prom with me anyway, however he was unable to attend any after parties or the weekend of fun planned for after the prom. All of my friends were going to Great Adventure, in New Jersey the day after the prom and then out to Montauk on the east end of L.I. the following day. My date was jewish, I grew up in a very jewish area and it is customary to sit shiva after a death. After my prom, instead of going to Great Adventure or the beach, I spent the next few days sitting shiva with my prom date's family. It was interesting to say the least and I will never forget that experience. It is funny, I am not sure if my husband even knows that story. I have recently told him a bunch of stuff that I was shocked I hd told him before. We have been together for a long time and my past without him seems like it never existed. But, if he doesn't know this story, it will not surprise him! He would expect nothing less from one of my life experiences!


Ali said...

Wow a ride home in the front of the limo! That is special.

Angie said...

Funny that you and date had to sit in the front with the limo driver!

Shell said...

what a crazy way to end your prom weekend!