Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wonderful Trip

Wow! It has been almost a week since we have been back from our family vacation. It is amazing how time flies. We went to Snowshoe, WV courtesy of Bama and Grand-daddy! Thank you so much. It was an amazing trip. The kids took lessons. The two oldest did so well that by the third day, we were able to ski with them in the afternoons and I didn't have to bend over someone for us to get down the mountain. They just skied, all by themselves. I never thought this day would come. Our 3 year old hated it! He doesn't like being cold and it was cold. He also got sick and we made him ski anyway. How terrible! We are the worst parents ever! In our defense, we didn't really think he was sick. He complains a lot. so when he told us his stomach hurt, we thought he was making an excuse so he didn't have to go out. However, within 30 minutes of returning inside, he had diarrhea several times. Luckily, it was short lived and by 8:00 p.m. he was bouncing off the walls! We went in the pool while we were gone which was a blast, had dinner out which was crazy and just enjoyed some quality family time together! We are so blessed to have had my husband's parents take care of the whole trip for us. It was truly one of the most generous things anyone has done for us. While we were there, I was reminded of why I wanted 4 kids. I love my family. I am the luckiest woman alive to have been blessed with 4 beautiful children, everything I ever wanted! It is crazy here most days. The kids don't behave. We are tired and can't wait to sit down in the evening. But, while I was on vacation I had the opportunity to look at the kids and see the smiles on their faces and to have some quality time with each one of them and I realized just how much I love my life! And for that I can not thank my in-laws enough!

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