Monday, December 29, 2008


I have decided that I should own stock in whatever company makes Shout Advanced laundry stain remover. I use more of that product than any other household cleaner, except for hand soap. I spray almost every article of clothing my daughter wears. She is really into Justice clothes and has a ton of them, but they are expensive. I usually buy them on sale or from consignment sales. Regardless of that, she always gets paint on her Justice shirts. I am not sure why this is. I know it is partly because she prefers her Justice shirts to others so she wears them more frequently, but she has ruined 2 so far. When I say ruined, they have paint spots on them. I have to admit that I have done a good job getting the paint out of one. There were quite a few spots on it and there are only a couple of very light ones in inconspicuous places. The other has some brown paint on the front. It is a small spot, but enough for me to consider it a play shirt now. Speaking of play clothes. My oldest son had ruined 3 pair of "church" pants. I am not too sure which part of change your clothes when you get home from church is difficult for him, but he never remembers. I pulled the pants he wore to church yesterday out of the dryer to fold and there was a hole in the knee. The pants didn't even show a sign of wear and now there is a hole. How is this possible I ask my son. He tells me maybe he bent his knees too much yesterday. Keep that in mind the next time you are wearing a pair of trousers. Do not bend your knees too much! My next laundry challenge is to remove crusty bananas from onesies and sweat pants. Our youngest has taken to feeding himself and he eats a whole banana at a sitting. Or he sits on the banana is more like it. He is covered hen he is finished eating. It is impressive, the amount of banana an 8 month old can get on his face, clothing, and high chair. At least he smells sweet!

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