Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Legendary Santa

Let me start by saying oh my gosh! My family and I went on a trip this past weekend to Richmond, VA to see the Legendary Santa. It was absolutely amazing! My husband and his family went when they were growing up. My father-in-law went when he was growing up. Now, our kids have gone and we plan to take them back again. We started the day with Sunrise with Santa. At 9:00 a.m. we went into the Children's Museum of Richmond. My mother-in-law waited in line so that we could be second. When we entered, she and my father-in-law went up to the front of the room where chairs were set up. She sat there with my husband and my kids and my sister-in-law and her kids. My sister-in-law's husband and I stood in line to hold our place. After a short while, sleigh bells rang and feet started dangling from the chimney in the fireplace at he front of the room. The feet started kicking back and forth and seconds later there was a thud and Santa was standing in the fireplace. He ducked down and entered the room. It was amazing! My children went up to visit the Snow Queen when it was there turn. They told her there names and talked about Christmas. When Santa was ready, he called my kids over by name. They sat on his lap and he asked what they wanted to for Christmas. My middle son had a "pretend" coughing problem and was unable to answer. The two older ones told him in their "quiet" voices. After a picture, we left. We then spent the next 2 hours passing time until the museum opened to the public. We had a delicious breakfast at Bob Evans and returned to the museum. We frequent children's museums every chance we can. We love them. I make sure that we know where the nearest one is whenever we go on vacation in case it is raining. It makes a great rainy day or cold weather day activity. For the past two years our middle son has had a birthday trip to a children's museum instead of a party. The Children's Museum of Richmond is one of the best we have visited. We didn't do everything we could have in the time we were there. After 2 hours of activities, it was time to have Tea with Santa. So at 1:45 we walked over to another room and stood in line to enter the tea. We sat down to a plate of cookies and tea sandwiches. My daughter loved the candy cane shaped cheese sandwich. I will have to surprise her with one in her lunch box before the holidays arrive. Santa entered the room in the same manner as earlier in the day, by coming down the chimney. He talked about drinking milk and eating cookies and showed the kids how he drank the milk. He led the group in Christmas carols and read to the children. He served Rudolph cake and then gave the kids an opportunity to visit and sit on his lap again. By the time, our kids were beat. We got a great picture of the baby with Santa and one of our middle son with the elf. On the way out we all received a gift from Santa, a book. It was a fabulous day and wonderful trip. I will not soon forget the magic of that special day and the magic that fills this holiday season. It help me see Christmas through children's eyes. Best of all, it was a day away from home and responsibility for me to focus on nothing but my children. I had an absolutely amazing day!

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