Thursday, September 24, 2009

Making it Through

I am in full panic mode. I am trying to make it through until Saturday without sick children and all around us people have swine flu. It is driving me crazy. I believe it is just a matter of time before we get it and I am really hoping that we will be spared period, but at least through Saturday. It is hard enough to get 4 kids into the doctor for flu shots when they only have Saturday clinics from 12-5 at the pediatrician. If I have to reschedule some people it will be very difficult to figure out logistically and truthfully one flu is too many for this mother. I am so not looking forward to it even if everyone does o.k. and it is short lived, which in my experience it will not be for us. I am not sure if my excessive hand sanitizing has weakened my children's immune systems or if I over exaggerate (although my husband has commented on this too) the severity of an illness, but we seem to get whatever it is far worse than anyone else. So I always brace for the worst. My neighbor's child has swine flu, but missed only one day of school with it. He came down with a fever on Sunday night, had a cough on Monday, positive test and was back in school yesterday (o.k. so 2 missed days of school). We would miss a week and then some probably. My daughter's best friend is currently out of school for an illness and since his mom will not answer the phone, I have no idea what he has. Hoping it is not swine flu though!!!! My daughter said he went home early on Tuesday and has not been back since. So, worried here. Looking forward to flu shots on Saturday!

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