Friday, April 16, 2010

A Spring in My Step

As part of my mid life evaluation, I am determined to have a more positive outlook on things in general. My husband recently said that I am the most pessimistic person on the planet when I realized that I had lost five pounds and followed it up with "do you think I am ill?" He said he loves me, but if he had none how negative I was it never would have worked out! Good thing I lost those five pounds so I look good and keep him around! He, he, he! In any case, last night I was cooking my son's birthday dinner while the kids and hubby were outside on the new birthday moon bounce ESPN received as a birthday gift. The back door was open so I could hear the birds chirping, the kids giggling, and I thought to myself I love my life! I love those kids so much! You know! You all love your kids like this! But, sometimes I get caught up in the daily grind and the yelling and frustration take over. Of course I don't love them any less during these trying times. But, I don't often actively think about it. My house is a complete and utter disaster all the time and this afternoon my sister in law and her family are coming into town for the weekend. I will scramble this afternoon to run errands, actually run, fold all the clean laundry sitting in the hallway, and possibly go to BUNKO. But, I wouldn't trade that craziness for the world because my kids are excited out of their minds to see their cousins. They are only sad that the cousins are only staying two days and there is a big track meet that my sister in law will be tied up at all day tomorrow! I love that my kids are super excited to see their cousins! I think it is fantastic that they are years apart in age and they can all still get along and really are inseparable when we get together. It is rare that a nine year old and a three year old can play together for days on end without getting totally frustrated with each other and beat each other up. You know they are not siblings for sure! All this love has put a spring in my step and smile on my face. Let's hope it will stay. I realize I have so few of these days! I guess that is why I am working on it!

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