Monday, October 4, 2010

It's been a week...

It has been a week since I last posted and a crazy week it has been!  After blogging last week, I stepped out to get the kids on the bus to find out a high profile football player from our local high school had passed away early that morning.  He had received a concussion in Friday's game and his father found him unconscious on Sunday morning.  So sad for a promising young high school senior!  Not to mention he was the son of our districts school board member.  The family is well respected in the community and it will be a long time before our community is done grieving.  Then I find out that another high school student has died, this one in the area in which I work.  Apparently, he had been drinking and while walking was struck but a motor vehicle.  Now that I am writing these words, I think I have already written them here.  I knew this child had been hit before I left for work, but had not learned that he had passed.  The weather here was crazy all week and ESPN ended up being sick three days last week putting me pretty far behind at work!  UGH!!!  So here's to this week, hoping it is less crazy and that maybe, just maybe I can blog at least twice!

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