Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am taking a break from my focus on the positive...

I am hoping this will help me let go of this frustration today and have a good day.  I am hoping this will prove therapeutic.  I got my cast off yesterday afternoon.  But, my wrist is killing me even more than it was before.  I did not anticipate being pain free.  at least from the standpoint of the stiffness in my wrist.  I mean it has been sitting the same position for almost three weeks.  I did however expect that the location where it was broken would feel better.  Was it a little too late for my cast and the healing process to mesh?  I don't know.  I am a little concerned that it didn't heal well and that the bone is still broken.  He didn't take an x-ray since he didn't see the fracture on an x-ray.  He said it should feel better soon.  It happened six weeks ago.  My PT, a friend said to go back if it isn't better in a couple weeks.  He said the surgeon could have missed something in the carpal (wrist) bones.  So, it is frustration not being able to turn on the water, or open a door still after six weeks time.  I am afraid to pick something up with my left hand for fear I will drop it.  Yikes!!

As for my knees, I get frustrated with my left knee often, really frustrated infrequently.  It isn't in good shape.  But, I muscle through the pain and do what I love while I still can.  However, it seems to be more and more difficult as time goes on.  The surgeon was quick to remind me that it has only been six months and not to base anything on the results for a year or more.  But, it is hard.  I know I will need a knee replacement in the future and the prospects of that are scary and quite frankly, suck!!!

My right knee is a whole other story.  I had a feeling that when the surgeon decided about my right knee would be impacted greatly by the state of my left knee.  And it has been.  I had an MRI at the same time as the wrist and he mention a torn ACL.  But, he didn't mention the meniscus was torn.  It is.  Shocking.  If it hadn't been it probably was on my recent fall anyway.  But, there are no full thickness cartilage defects like on my left knee.  That's good.  If the pain persists he said he could remove the meniscus.  I am thinking I should just let it go.  But, I am an orthopaedic mess.  Unhappy with the state of my knees and the restrictions that come with it.  No running (I don't follow that one), no soccer (still mulling that over), take up gold he said.  Ha!!  I do golf and it isn't curbing my running addiction.  Bike and swim.  Train those tri legs, he says.  I hate the bike, I don't have powerful legs ;)  So I am left to continue in pain like before with no resolve to any ailments.  UGH!!!  So frustrating!!!

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