Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesdays Weekly Wardrobe: What did you Wear?

Welcome to Wednesday's Weekly Wardrobe!!!  I totally love this idea.  After I had my first child, something took hold of me.  It wasn't pretty!  I became a Grandmother.  My husband often tells me how happy he is that I don't look like a lot of the other moms out there.  He says they dress like his mom!!  Well, for a few years after my oldest kids were born, I did look like that.  I bought what was on sale and dressed comfortably.  After my third child, I wasn't sure if we would be having any more kids so I started to focus more on myself and getting my pre-pregnancy body back.  I focused more on my wardrobe and it paid off.  I didn't look like a frumpy old mommy.  I had some style.  Now that ESPN is getting older, I have lost a good deal of baby weight with all my distance training over the past year and a half.  Even with my injuries and surgery, I have managed to take off 15 pounds.  I have about 5-10 more to go.  But, I am happy and my husband has never complimented me more!  Since I work in the fitness and education industry, many of my clothes are workout style.  But, I try to wear fun colors and trendier styles.  My favorite workout hair look is a ponytail with a pre-wrap headband.  Shh... I stole my daughter's pre-wrap!!!  I am addicted to shopping.  I love to shop sales for name brands!!  That said, I decided to team up with Go Mommy and devote a day to my wardrobe and get fashion ideas from fellow bloggers!  So let us see what you are wearing.  Join us in the fun!!!

Instructions, take multiple pictures of yourself throughout the week.  Or simply choose your favorite outfit and post a picture of yourself in it.  I tried taking my pic in front of a mirror for this purpose, but I couldn't perfect it so I enlisted my hubby!!  He's the best!!!  He agreed to do this for me everyday!!!  So take a look.  This is what I wore this week!!!

I think it would be fun to add info on where we purchase our duds.

Shirt: Kohls (Daisy Fuentes)
Sweater: Kohls (Daisy Fuentes)
Jeans: Kohls (Apt 9)

Strike a pose!!!  I had to model!!  It's hot, I know!!!

Shirt: Old Navy
Cami: Target
Jeans: Costco (Nautica from like 9 years ago, my absolute favorite!)

Shirt: Costco (Lucky Brand Jeans)
Jeans: Kohls (Apt.9)
Boots: Kohls (My hubby's fave; it's date night ;)

Hubby loves the arms above the head poses!!!

Super Comfy Saturday!!
Shirt: Costco (Ralph Lauren)
Cami: Target (Merona)
Pants: Kohls (Tek Gear)

Needed some sweats today!!  Sledding was brutal on the butt ;)!

Sunday, it's a church day!
Dress: Title Nine (Horny Toad)
Leggings: Kohls (Simply Vera)

Monday morning, so tired and hubby left before I could blow dry my hair.  I want fifteen extra minutes to sleep in!
Shirt: Target (Merona)
Jeans: Kohls (Apt 9)

Strike a pose!!!

Shirt: Athleta
Pants: Athleta

Shirt: Costco
Pants: Kohls (Apt 9)

Looking kind of tired after skiing last night!

Link up next week and see what everyone is wearing!!!!

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