Monday, January 31, 2011

Unplugged; plugging in!!

Had a hard time figuring out the grammar in my title!  Guess I should ask my resident Journalism major!  But, he's not here!  In any case, I kind of lost site of my New Years resolution when I found out my wrist was broken.  But, now that the cast comes off in two days, that's right just two days!!!  I am trying to refocus on some things.  It has been difficult to fold laundry, clean the house, cook dinner; I don't recommend breaking your wrist or really anything.  Knee surgery proved even more difficult while I was on crutches this past summer.  But, I need to re prioritize things if I want to stay in this happy blissdom state of mind!  And so I refocus on my New Years resolution which is to check email and Facebook twice a day at home.  At work, I have not limited myself, but I can tell you that I would get a lot more paperwork done if I did. ;)  Once quick check in the morning and another in the afternoon/evening should be sufficient.  I hold a few community leadership roles, but none that are life threatening if I don't respond within 12 hours.  I think 12 is responsible.  The reason I have decided to do this is so I can plug back in to my kids.  Most of the time they run around and beg me to use the computer or put a movie on.  They are addicted to electronic devices as well.  I don;t know why we have toys sometimes.  But, I feel like if I give each kids 30 minutes of individual time a day or even 20; allowing time to cook dinner.  Then maybe we will have better behavior.  I mean we have to.  Removing one child from the running and screaming dynamic that is my house right now could only improve things.  I also wonder if I engage in a structured activity for 20 minutes, if that activity would then carry on for another 20 minutes without a fight between siblings.  By that time another would be engaged in any activity and so it would go.  Sounds good in theory.  Regardless of the benefits in reducing bad behavior.  I know that I would not go to bed at night feeling like I should have spent more time with them or that I was missing them grow up!!  And on that note, I will sign off and head on to get them to school and get my errands done so I have time later to spend unplugged with my kids!

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