Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Weather: UGH!!!

This weather is totally messing me up!!!  I had it all planned out.  Tomorrow is Mutt's Birthday!  So for the past day and a half I have been making chocolate pirate cupcakes picks.  These will top his school treat for tomorrow.  There are 24 kids in his class and three teachers.  In the evening, we will celebrate his birthday as a family and he has requested a Luke Skywalker cake.  Most of the time I would agree and take on the feat of attempting to fashion a Luke Skywalker cake, but after last year's R2D2 and having a cast on one arm, I figured I better shoot a little lower and convinced him to go with light sabers instead.  If I can squirt icing out of a pastry bag, I can make a light saber!! However, with the uncertainty of what the weather is going to do I am hesitant to make the cupcakes until the last minute.  Thankfully the chocolate will stay good for several days in the refrigerator.  But, the icing will be rock hard after a day and no one wants rock hard icing.  Not only will the weather mess up my cupcake plans, but it is the end of the quarter and so I have a ton of paper work to catch up on.  Thursday is my paperwork day with very little service hours with students and staff.  I even bigger issue I am having with the weather has already occurred though.  Today is a snow day!!  Most of the time I would welcome this surprise, but the county which we live in decided that the kids will now go to school on Monday, a planned teacher workday and be off on Tuesday instead.  Monday in a work from home day for me so I could provide my own child care and even sneak in a day trip later in the day to the Children's Museum.  I originally was going to get my cast off that day and changed the appointment to accommodate my husband's ski plans.  Since I don't have four kids in tow I could go at any time and get my cast off on Monday, but at this point there are no appointments to be had!  Tuesday, I have an all day training and now my kids will be off and I will have to pay someone to watch them while I am at training.  In addition, I planned to ski Tuesday night not that this is a problem necessarily, but it makes things a little more difficult.  But on the bright side, I am hoping that the weather will provide a great evening of skiing!!!  

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