Friday, January 28, 2011

A Cake in a Cast!!!

I had decided I had posted enough about my broken wrist, but this is really an online journal for me so I decided I would post about making Mutt's birthday cake while in my short arm cast!!  Since I enjoy making cakes and we are trying to save money every way we can I decided to make Mutt's cake even though I broke my wrist.  Probably not the best idea, but truly the most difficult part was getting the cake out of the pan once it was cooked (and I guess cracking the eggs).  Making the icing was a piece of cake ;)  especially once I came up with my nifty cast cover (Ziploc bag).  Decorating was far easier than I thought it would be.  The writing was the only tricky part and it is not very neat!  I guess I needed a steadier hand.  I would have guided the right with the left normally, but not really an option due to the inability to move my wrist.  All in all, I thought it came out great in light of the circumstances and now I can focus on making another one for our family party on Saturday!  That one should easier because there is more chocolate and less detailed icing piping!!!  Check out these pics of the decorating process!!!

Who likes the plastic bag cast cover?  It worked.  No icing or powdered sugar on my cast!

Mutt and ESPN want in on the icing action.

Light Sabers!!!

Wine helped me laugh at myself and the process!
In the end the lettering was a little shaky, but Mutt loved it!!!

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Anonymous said...

How did you break your wrist?Hope your wrist has tottally healed and you dont have any pain.