Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday to my Mutt!!!

Today, Mutt turns six!!  I often think how is this possible?  How is it that six years ago he was born?  But, then I look back at all the things that have gone on in our lives and realize of course this is possible.  It times like these; birthdays, holidays, vacations, that I wish I was a better mom. I wish I engaged more with my kids.  I wish I didn't over commit myself to things outside the walls of our home.  These events just serve as reminders of how to be a better person and mother.  In keeping with my focusing on the positives, I decided to post some of my favorite Mutt pictures in honor of his sixth birthday!!  Happy Birthday, Mutt!!  You could never imagine how much I love you!!!

Mutt and Indy
Mother's Day 2005
Mutt's baptism
July 2005

Happy 1st Birthday!!

I'm 2!!

Lovin' Easter when I'm 3!

So big at 4!

Smart and ready for Kindergarten at 5!

July 2010

December 2010
I'm almost 6!

  Happy Birthday Mutt!!!  May all your wishes come true!!!

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Go Mommy said...

Happy birthday Mutt! great pictures!