Monday, April 20, 2009

Public Props

Weird title huh? This past Saturday was my son's 1st birthday and in my grand tradition, I had to call in reinforcements. My sister has helped me with every 1st birthday party and many other parties over the years. Two hours before this party was to start, the cakes had not been decorated, the house had not been cleaned, and I was not even close to ready. Thank goodness she was able to come over and help out. She said I would have been able to do it without her. But, there is no way! I was still getting stuff out when people were arriving. How could I have done all the things I did plus all the things she did too! Silly girl! Anyway, we had a great party and a fabulous weekend celebrating the birthday! I can't not believe how quickly kids grow. I also can not believe that almost immediately after my son turned one, he became a true toddler. He was a baby last week, but he is communicating and climbing and walking everywhere. He plays with toys appropriately and really is a little boy now! It is bittersweet. I love to see him grow and who he is becoming, but I will miss that baby as I do all the others. Since he is our last it is all the more difficult. But, I have all that growing and fun stuff to look forward to! I wonder what is in store over the next year?

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