Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Yesterday I had a great idea for a keepsake craft and I am so eggcited with the results! I decided to make wooden Easter eggs with the kids. I want to do this each year as a craft we do together. When they are grown and out of the house, I will be able to decorate with these eggs and think of days gone by. Or, I could pass them along to them as they move on and start their own families. Because I have to have instant gratification, I went out and purchased the eggs and paper grass to put in my glass bowl that I will display the eggs in on the table for the Easter season. We made the eggs after the kids got home last night. They are beautiful! My two oldest were really into it. My middle son, not so much! The baby of course didn't make one. I am crazy, not insane! At least not yet! So, we painted the base coat before dinner and after dinner, everyone went down to the basement, and painted before bed. There was no guidance. I told them to paint what they wanted and they turned out great. My mom loved them and wants my nephew to make one too. Hopefully he will make one at his house. He is only 2 and I can't imagine how much paint will be on him and the house when he is finished. Probably more than there is on the egg. My sister loved the idea. I told her the bottom of the eggs were flat so she could just set the one on the window sill. I had each child make two and I made a couple myself. Thought I would share my ingenious idea for a keepsake craft that actually worked out!

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