Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long Time No Post

Now that the holidays are over and time seems to be, oh what am I saying there is no more free time in my schedule than since before the holidays. Activities are back in full swing, the kids are tired, sick, and I am just trying to hold it together both at work and home. Really it is work that I am having a hard time with. I did not get into teaching to be a politician, however sometimes it feels like that! My husband is a teacher too and he doesn't need to know or articulate half of what I do to people everyday!

My middle son has strep again for the 3rd time since Thanksgiving! There are a few schools of thought on this. One is that someone in the house is a carrier with no symptoms so he keeps getting reinfected, two the family dog is reinfecting him, or three it is caught in his tonsils. My money is on three. Mainly because nothing can be easy and having to go through another ENT surgery for one of my kids does not appeal to me. And second, because why would it only be him that is being reinfected and no one else? Hmm...

On a lighter note, my oldest son was 3rd in the Pinewood Derby this past Saturday for his age group, what a proud moment for us! He worked really hard sanding that car and his father and I in painting and assembling it just so. Yes, it was his project! He and my daughter are also playing Basketball which has proven to be really fun to watch. My son plays point guard and my daughter would make a really good one! She is pretty small and not tall enough for a center, but has great dribbling skills! Can't wait for this weekends games!


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i have been waiting for your update! you need a drink!

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