Friday, February 6, 2009


I am so tired. It is finally all catching up to me. I way over-extend myself. It drives my husband crazy. The other night I told him I was giving up Spirit Night Chairperson for the PTO and I think he almost fell off the couch. He was so happy. I am currently room mom for one of our children. It took restraint for me not to volunteer to be the room mom for our oldest child. I am the spirit night chairperson, and volunteer coordinator for the PTO. I am the VBS Director at church. I am a team leader at work and on top of all of those things, I try to be super mom. Unfortunately, I feel that I often do not spend enough time with my kids. I mean really spend time with them. I am in the room with them, but I just sit and watch them. I feel I should play more with them and organize more activities. I am currently working on a Valentine's Day project with the older two. We are making heart shaped crayon cookies as valentines for their classes. I need a total of 55. I currently have 36. Not bad with a week to go. Then we have to assemble them. My sister challenged me to let one holiday go by and not make anything. I can't do it. It is not in me. However, what is, is the desire to spend more quality time with my kids. The St. Jude radiothon was on today. It just kills me to think about those kids and their parents. And, you never know. I don't ever want to look back and regret anything with my kids. So today, I am making a change that I am holding myself accountable for. I am going to do this. It will make a difference in my life and the life of each of my kids.

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