Monday, November 24, 2008

1000 Things

So, it has been a while, huh! There has been a lot going on here in Mommy's Daze Land! Nothing overly excting, just life. I started Facebooking, so I am addicted to that now. I am trying to be a "runner". Working full time and having four kids, has made it difficult to really get into a running routine. I have had sick kids and a sick self at home, making me overly tired (not that I a not overly tired all the time). I also found out my sister has a genetic mutation which puts her at an increased risk of developing blood clots, having a heart attack, or other cardiovascular problems. Needless to say, I am currently waiting for the results of my blood test to determine whether I have this same mutation. At lease she and I can be mutants together! So what will this post really be about you ask, now that I have given you a list of excuses as to why I have not updated this in over a week? Well, it's about arts and crafts and cooking. With Thanksgiving coming, I have had nothing but Christmas (and the stuff list above) on my mind. I purchased a t-shirt to make a snowflake t-shirt with my daughter yesterday, but forgot the paint. We will make it when she comes home from school this afternoon. I also bought MOST of the ingredients to make Lemon Coconut Quick Bread with the kids. My husband went to the Safeway to purchase the lemon extract. He is the greatest! I made that by myself at 8:30 last night. So, what craft did I make with the kids. My daughter and I made pilgrim hats for the 4 kids and then she painted while my husband and I looked for the winter coat we want out son to wear this year. My husband found it out in the garage where we keep all the coats that fit. Funny, our oldest has not worn it in 2 1/2 years! By the way, the coat doesn't fit! My other son is wearing a new winter coat from Target. Love Target, the coat was $17.99. That is all I will pay for a coat from Target because I bought one for our daughter there and it ripped about the 5th time she wore it. So, if this coat rips, no big deal. It was $17.99. I am hoping it lasts so I can sell it in 7 years for $10 at a consignment sale. So, that is it. This post, about nothing was about arts and crafts and cooking. But, here is something to ponder, what can you do with your kids this holiday season? On Friday, my 3 older kids and I will make reindeer cookies out of Vienna Finger, M&Ms, pretzels, white icing, and chocolate chips. Take the Vienna Finger put a little icing on 2 chocolate chips for eyes, on a red M&M for the nose, and on the pretzel for the antlers. (I saw this in Family Fun magazine). This weekend we will make ornaments out of pipe cleaners and beads. I am hoping to make candy canes with white pipe cleaners and alternating red and white beads. We will finish off the weekend making our first batch of Christmas cookies. It will be great fun! Hope it all gets done! We shall see!

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