Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a stink!

Do I have a story for you! Yesterday I was sitting in the family room with my kids while the dog was in the kitchen attempting to eat cheerios from my youngest child's high chair. I heard the high chair getting pulled across the floor. I look over into the kitchen and see the dog's head stuck in the leg whole of the high chair. Then the high chair flies through the kitchen, hits the cabinet, bounces off the oven, flips over and comes to rest upside down on the floor across the room from where it began. During the process, the dog fell but managed to free himself from the high chair. I think o.k. it's over. I go back to playing with the kids and realize gosh something stinks. I immediately blame my middle son who denies pooping in his pants. Next, my daughter starts gagging. So I figure I have to solve the mystery of the stink! I enter the kitchen where it smells awful. I see there a three drops of liquid on the floor where it really smells bad. I clean it up and realized that the dog had diarrhea. I call the dog over and see his back side is all wet. I proceed to send the dog out back for the afternoon. I go upstairs to take care of some house work and my husband comes home. Before I can get down the stairs to tell him what happened, my daughter informs him that the dog had some drops of poops come out. So, my husband comes in starts unloading the dishwasher and lights a scented candle. I come down and it still smells like we had a sewer back up in our kitchen and I notice there is more diarrhea on the floor and all over the front of the oven. So, I spend the next 1/2 hour cleaning the floor, and all my cabinets, and scrubbing the oven top to bottom. Ugh! It was awful. So what started as something I could have submitted to AFV, became an evening of cleaning my kitchen. It was funny though all thing considered (I guess)!

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