Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ugh! So the holidays are around the corner! I am trying to get in holiday mode. Figuring out what to buy the kids is easier said than done. They all go through the Toys R Us Big Toy Book. I get one for each of them so there is no fighting. Unfortunately, there is still fighting. One sees what the other one is circling and then cries because he/she wants it. I explain you can all wish for it and maybe Santa will bring each of you one or maybe you could share it. That of course does not appease the crier. But back to the Toy Book, I take the book and go through it systematically figuring out what is appropriate for each child to "wish" for, add it to their individual Christmas list, add what I think I would like that child to have and then divide that list by three. I make a list for us, my mom, and hubby's mom. Knowing my mom will purchase everything on the list, those are the gifts I fell are must haves. Wishing I could buy everything on there list, not be in debt, and still be able to walk around my home, I pull out the ones I think I would like them to have and go from there. Then, I give my mother in law the rest. My mother in law hates shopping so my father in law takes care of it all. He likes the hustle and bustle of the holidays and finding that hard to find toy that everyone wants. So, he comes through with some great not on the list gifts that afterwards, I realize are ones that hold meaning to me because I know how badly he wanted my middle son to have that TMX Elmo that is sitting on the basement shelf. However, I look at that TMX Elmo and it reminds me of how much my middle son is loved by his grandparents! Isn't that the joy of Christmas? So, back to the clutter, that TMX Elmo doesn't fit in my house anymore, nor do the 150 transportation vehicles I try to sort by type every few months after they are dumped out on the floor over and over again for no reason. They are never played with. So now I have 200 toys, perfectly good toys that no one plays with and I can't bear to throw out because one day someone might play with them. They are also still perfectly good so I can't throw them out. But, no one wants my old toys when they are experiencing the same clutter as I have. So, how do I get rid of this clutter? I don't know, but I have been researching organization online. By the way, I just heard those 150 transportation vehicles get dumped out in the basement just now. And now I hear my husband going no, no, no, no, you get to clean everything up. Mu husband is now telling me he is getting rid of every toy in the basement. Well, that is one way to de-clutter!

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