Thursday, June 24, 2010

Workout Woes

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy around here.  I had a hard time recovery after my half marathon and have not run since due to the pain in my knee.  I have scheduled my surgery and even though it is a month away on July 27, I am already freaking out over the possibility of it not working and the fear of the pain afterward.  I have gone on a couple of bike rides.  But, I hate riding so I am not consistent.  I was going to swim one day and there wasn't enough time.  The kids started their swim team practices so between shuttling them back and forth to the pool and everything else in our lives, I just never had the time to commit.  So, now school is over.  No more work for me until the end of August, surgery on the 27th of July, what to do in the mean time.  Well, as always I lean towards running.  I know I have not had my last run.  I have to get out there at least one more time before my surgery.  The bike is there and with more time on my hands, maybe I can put in the miles.  I just don't feel like the results come quickly on the bike.  And then there is the question of toning which I guess lifting will address.  I should join a gym, but time is limited and I only have one month before surgery so it doesn't really make sense.  I look at all these woman in the athletic catalogs and think I would love to have my body look half that good.  So one month to improve my physique and overall strength and hopefully it will result in faster rehab for my hamstring and knee. 

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Ali said...

We can weight train together :)