Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Know You're a Mom When-sdaze! Travel-wise

You know you are a mom when...

there is a smell coming from the back seat.

you know where every children's museum is within a 50 mile radius of your destination in case of rain.

a rest stop consists of a visit to Hershey's Chocolate World.

you can't see out of the back window of the minivan because trash is piled up so high.

you have to ask before you pull out of the garage if everyone is wearing shoes.

you have invested in a pair of ear plugs to wear while traveling on long car trips.

you have an emergency stash of organic lollipops in your glove box and Goldfish in the trunk.

that rattling coming from the back of the car is a sippy cup full of old milk.

your car looks more like an elementary school lost and found than a motor vehicle.


Ali said...

All of those are great. I can understand your shoe issue!

Stacey said...

Haha! We must drive the same vehicle!! Great post!

Cleo said...

That sippy cup of old milk always somehow manages to find itself spilled ALL over my ca's carpet! I became the NAZI Clean Car Queen when I was cleaning it out a few months ago, had the rear seats out to vacuum, and found a DEAD frog!!!!! YUCK!!! He was as flat and dry as a 5 day old pancake!!! LOL!!
Thanks so much for the kudos over the running. Actually had my best time at this evening's run: 28:54. My pace is hanging around 10 min miles, but have started interjecting bursts/bouts of sprints that's taking my pace up to 8...hence the decrease in overall time. Have you heard of Jeff Galloway? Olympian runner...been running for more then 50 years!!!! That just blows my mind. Anyhow, am reading his 5K/10K's pretty good. Would love for you to keep me updated about the status of your knee. I will keep you in my prayers, my friend.
And thanks a mil for the heads up about the daily mile!!! AM going to go visit it right now!

Karen said...

Oh the memories of dd's early childhood. Now the backseat is simply filled with school papers, Girl Scout papers, 4-H papers, and the packaging from whatever was purchased and demanded to be opened immediately without waiting to get home.