Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bake Sale for a Cause

This weekend we are having a yard sale in our neighborhood. In our area each neighborhood has a yard sale at a specific time and tons of people come filing through the communities trying to pick up fabulous finds for a little as possible. A few years ago, when my oldest was big enough to handle money, I set up a small bake sale. Last year was pretty pathetic. The kids ran around the front lawn while I tried to manage the stuff we were selling and the bake sale too! Of course I gave my kids the profits of my fruitful labor even though I was the one who made the baked goods and sold the food. This year I allowed each child to decide what they wanted to bake and told them that we were doing our bake sale a little differently. I decided that we have been blessed with so much and even though it isn't always easy to make ends meet, we have what we need. However, not everyone is as fortunate as we are. The kids were all for it as long as they got to keep half the proceeds. I thought this was acceptable. So there it was all set. But what charity should we support. I figured I would just send everything to St. Jude, my favorite charity. But, then my sister found a program through Glad called Cookies for Kid's Cancer. I had read about something similar and possibly even this program in a magazine earlier this spring but could not remember what it was or where I had read it. But, I figure this sounds good. I mentioned it to other ladies int he neighborhood and they are planning on doing the same thing. Kid's cancer is near and dear to my heart. A great friend of mine has a son who is Indy's age who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 21 months. He is a bright, beautiful child and Indy's first best friend. While the boys no longer play together and go to different schools, I remain close with his mother. She is one of my favorite people. While she doesn't know it, I admire her! This summer her family will host a college student who will play baseball for a local independent team this summer because her son's favorite thing on the planet is baseball. This child has endured two tumor resections, shunt placement, gamma knife radiation and global radiation to fight his cancer. However, he is one of the lucky ones with pediatric cancer. He is 9 years old and aside from a few side effects from treatment and the tumors he is your average kid. He goes every 6 months for an MRI. This week happens to be his 6 month visit. He will have an MRI of the entire central nervous system this time. My family prays everyday for this boy, for seven years we have prayed and God has answered our prayers. If you search the blogosphere you will find thousands of people praying for various children who fight every day for their lives. No one should have to do this, especially a child. So this weekend we will team up with Glad and host a bake sale. And just maybe we will make a little money and help kid's with cancer!

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Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

What a beautiful thing to do!!!