Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Being a Work Outside the Home Mom

I have always firmly believed that at least one parent should stay at home. Each school year I try to justify my working outside the home being saying that with my mother watching my kids and my not working a full schedule that we have the best of both worlds. We can provide what our kids need both financially and emotionally. However, I know this isn't really true! The following reasons are just of few of why I firmly believe that at least one parent should stay at home.

1. Because my kids never get a decent hot breakfast when I have an early meeting.

2. Indy's ringworm has spread and I noticed at 7:30 p.m. It has probably spread because I keep forgetting to ask my mother to apply the medicine in the morning. I have had 3 early meetings since the ringworm diagnosis.

3. Sometimes my mother dresses my youngest in PJs because she thinks it is clothes.

4. Sometimes my mother changes my youngest out of clean clothes and into something else because she thought he was wearing PJs.

5. I almost always feel like my kids do not get my undivided attention.

6. I know that I could offer them so many opportunities that would enrich their lives if I were home with them.

7. I know that my kids would eat more healthfully if I were the one feeding them during the day.

8. Having two parents at home during the summer does not out weigh having one home all year long.

9. I would never have to worry if my kids really got on the bus in the morning.

10. My preschooler would go everyday because he doesn't like to go unless I drive him!

There are a ton more and way more compelling reasons. Those are the ones I can come up with tonight, while feeling really inadequate!

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Annette Kerr said...

Aaaaw!! Us working mums always get the big bad guilt trips! I have had similar thoughts and feelings as you (particularly the food issues), but in the end we just have to make the best of it! I'm actually now of the opinion that it is ME who is losing out the most rather than my daughters, who are happy, healthy and well-adjusted wee girls.

Keep your chin up!! :)

AKA MammaKerr