Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Wonderz

I wonder...

why just when I think it is safe, the cat goes and throws up on the couch again.

why when the doctor says that it will take three weeks for Indy's (nasty) ringworm to clear up it only take one night to look 1000% better.

when my thumb will feel better.

how this weekend's racing is going to go.

if Indy will do well on his statewide assessments.

if my hubby will get the cold that is going around our home before or after his half marathon this weekend.

if I will have to drive home from the half marathon.

if i will get all my paperwork finished at work (in this decade).

why I didn't find sooner.


Ali said...

I am with you on the last one! I LOVE it, listening right now.
Maybe K shoudl have looked at Indy's arm...

VandyJ said...

Our cats aim for the carpet right where we will step in it in the dark. Nothing quite like cold cat puke stuck to your foot in the middle of the night.