Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Ramblings

All week I have been trying to post, but it has been crazy busy at home, at work, and pretty much everywhere else. I was reading a friend's Facebook status and she was saying she only had one day this week to relax. She was asking another friend to go out for lunch and a pedicure. I thought to myself, hmm...I haven't had a pedicure in 8 years. I am lucky if I get a haircut every 6 months! Which I am coming up on right now and my haircut girl is about to have a baby! Gotta get in there. Even when I am off for the summer, we are so busy with activities that I don't have time to relax. And, if I have time to relax I should be organizing my disaster of a house. So, no relaxation time. I guess I am envious. Not a good trait! I love my life and be thankful for what I have.

Indy is giving me a run for my money. It has been happening for a long time. He has been sassy, rude, disrespectful, unmotivated, pretty much just a real stinker! I can't figure out what to do with him. And when I am already at my wits end with him, I find out that he has been buying double lunches at school. I realize this because I got an email that his lunch account was low and that should not be because it wasn't too long ago that I sent in a check. So I look at his meal history (love! That stinker has bought double lunches 4 out of the last 5 days. When he gets home from school I look in his backpack and find a new copy of the second 39 Clues book. I have not given him any money for the book fair and question him as to where he got this book. He tells me his friend gave him $20. I am so angry, my head is about to explode. So today, he will march his butt into the book fair and try to return this book by explaining that he borrowed money from a friend and he will then give his friend's money back. Luckily, I am friend's with the mom so I can easily check up on the transaction! What were you thinking, Indy?

I can't really think anymore. I have a cold and it is obviously affecting my brain. I am so overwhelmed again with work and home. Thankfully, my husband is finished teaching Math Power Hour this afternoon and I will have him home most days at the usual time, which is good because, I feel like I am on the edge of losing control again and I just got it back! Sounds like life to me!


Cleo said...

Yep...sounds like life to me too! ;)
So sorry you're not feeling well. :(
Don't know about you, but other then the obvious of not feeling well when I get sick, I HATE to get sick cause when it's reeeeeeeeally bad and I'm confined to bed a few hours...the kids AND the hubs tear the house apart! ARGH!
Yep...that's life! :)
Will send a prayer up for you, friend. :)
And thanks so much for the good feedback about my new banner! Only took me all night until 4 a.m. and a few hours of the next morn!

Cleo said...

Hit "publish..." too soon!
I can see forewarning signs from my eldest, Sam (6), in the similar department as Indy's. Our particular battles of late have been obeying the first time...not the third! And not obeying for a few minutes then off to whatever you want.
Am not a big one on reading all the books out there on child rearing. Just too much hoopla...the mental health industry has just gotten to big for its britches. However, there is one book I found phenomenal. I went to a class my son's principal had a few summers ago about the book, got a private Q&A with the author and the handful of other ladies that took the class, and went to one of his conferences. He's up there with Dr. James Dobson, in my opinion. His name is John Rosemond and the book is entitled "Parenting by the Book: Biblical Wisdom for raising your children". One thing he says that realllly sticks out to me is that the punishment should ALWAYS grossly outweigh the crime...then one usually won't have a repeat of the crime. Sounds like you're on right track with your son and the $20.00 deal. Weak and watered-down sentencing is prob one of things wrong with our penal system! But i digress. :) Sorry. Am also going off on a tangent. :) I do that frequently too! Check out the book. :)