Monday, May 10, 2010

Organic Eating

This past weekend I began my commitment to feeding my family as much organic food as possible. I have done this before. I am pretty good about it most of the time. My biggest problem with it is the cost. It costs a lot to eat organically. For example, the cheapest organic apples at our local grocer were $1.19 per apple this weekend. However, according to an article I read in Runner's World this month; people who eat organic food reduce their pesticide intake by as much as 90%. This is according to a study from the University of Washington. Pesticide just can't be healthy to put in you body. Since I have had kids, we have drank organic milk. It usually costs my $15 to provide this for my family. I am not even sure what it would cost me for conventional milk. There have been many debates about the link between milk and early onset puberty. However, it does not appear that there have been any conclusions. However, in this regard I will error on the side of caution. In my kids backpack this morning you will find an organic milk box that they will bring to the cafeteria because our school system will not offer organic milk because there is not enough demand for it and no shelf stable option (except for Costco's brand and Horizon and possible others that I don't know about, there vendor just doesn't offer one). Feeding our kids healthy is nothing new for moms. We all aspire to do a better job. Kids don't eat healthy by nature. If others are eating junk food, who wouldn't follow suit? I just feel like there is a direct link between eating healthy and exercising regularly and the severity and duration or illness. It is expense, as I said earlier to eat organically. I spent a lot of money this weekend. Why do I do it? Because you never know. What do the pesticide and growth hormones do? Why does it seem like more people have cancer than a decade ago? What are kids maturing faster? Why does it seem like my kids get sick more than I did as a child? I feel like it can only help and I am determined to give me kids the best start I can at having a healthy life. So bring on the organic lollipops! The kids love them. They come in funky flavors made with vegetables. Bring on the organic bunnies instead of Goldfish! At least my kids will know which snacks are theirs. So what is your take on organics?

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