Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Change in Style

I have recently changed my style a but. Not my hair style. Although, I have not had a hair cut in six months so it really has no style. I have changed to a certain degree the style of my dress. I have for at least a couple of years loved Apt. 9 and Daisy Fuentes from Kohls. I really can't afford anything more. It is classy, casual, you can wear it out for date night or just loungin' with the kids. Oh and love Kohl's because things are always on sale! But, lately I have been working hard at losing weight. I have lost five pounds. It doesn't seem like a lot, but when you have just 20 to lose five is like an impossibility. So, when I realized it, I was thrilled. It spiraled into my wanting to work out more and to wear more fitted clothing. My husband is pleased to say the least and I get lots of compliments about the "boob" shirts as he calls them. I have discovered TJ Maxx. I have never really been a fan before, but my weekly trips to see what is new and catch that designer is a thrill. Yesterday I snagged some Juicy! My mom has helped my clothing switch with some Victoria's Secret Pink and my hubby has helped keep the fire burning on wanting to workout by purchasing some duds from Athleta, my absolute favorite for Mother's day. I can't be a poseur (Runner's World states the spelling as such, who knew?). My next endeavour is to get a road bike. I want to start some serious riding. My OS who will do my knee surgery in just two months doesn't think it is in my best interest to run. I just went to him for another sprained thumb. Go me! But, I do believe after our chat that he understands why I am continuing to run and not heed his advice. It is like I told him yesterday. If someone told my husband, who has a shoulder injury to stop golfing I don't think he would. (My surgeon golfs so I thought this might hit home.) I also mentioned that when I came in December I never expected him to tell me to stop running forever. So, he didn't seem too upset with me. Just told me to be careful and not to fall while water skiing because I could re injure my thumb. Seriously, water skiing. Two weeks and we shall see! So, let's see what things I acquire next month. My shopping is over for this month. I have bought way too much between Indy's Gymboree tanks and shorts for $7.99 and his Abercrombie tees for $12 to round out his wardrobe. I figure with prices like those why not wear the stuff. Target is just as expensive for big boys sizes and truthfully pairing a $5 pair of C9 shorts, looks a lot better with an Abercrombie shirt that an over sized tee on top!


Ali said...

You know I love me some TJMaxx!

VandyJ said...

TJMaxx rocks, and so does Ross and the other discount department stores. I can also rock the secondhand store shopping--you cna find some great stuff if you're willing to hunt for it.
Go you for dressing better--less like shlumpy mommy and more like hot mommy. Makes you feel good doesn't it?

Rachel said...

I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow, come follow me too!