Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get Ready for Back to School

I know, am I really writing about this?  I usually boy-cot the month of August.  I hate back to school for the very reason that I want to stay at home with my kids.  This year, I am sending all four kids back to school.  For years (7 to be exact) my mother has watched at least two of my kids while I work.  However, after this past year hubby and decided that for a variety of reasons we needed to send ESPN to "school".  Although, we have decided 100% where he will go, we have decided he too will go back to school.  So, I have three going to elementary school and a fourth going to daycare.  With my knee surgery and my friend the CPM (continuous passive motion machine) I have had hours to pass while lying on the couch.  So, I am researching back to school items for back to school.  The Today Show has had several segments over the past week and a half about back to school.  It has sparked my interest.  My favorite segment was by the ladies from Cool Mom Picks .  So what's cool for back to school?  Well, here goes...

I love LL Bean's Deluxe Book Pack and their Critter Packs.  LL Bean's guarantee is second to none.  I purchase my kids their elementary school backpacks when they enter Kindergarten.  I believe that a back pack should last through 2nd grade.  When Indy's zipper broke on his Critter Pack in December of 2nd grade, LL Bean exchanged it no questions asked.  He has asked me why he can not get a new one, and I tell him because yours is in perfect condition.  He will use it through 5th grade.  They also have really cute lunch boxes to match.  Oh, and they monogram if you are into that. 

EM Tanner has some fabulous and super cute products.  I do not have any yet because I have not really had a huge need yet, but I am about to place my first order.  She will make me a tote bag for ESPN for use at school this year.  She offers personalized Me 2 a Tee Backpacks that have a face which you can personalize to your child's characteristics and add a name to.  You can leave the name off if you prefer to for security reasons.  She was featured on the Today Show this morning.

School Supplies
The dreaded school supply list, where do I begin?  I am really picky about my kid's supplies.  If I know they are thrown into a box and shared by all then I go with the cheapest, but I am particular.  So I begin the last week of July (my kids go back in September) checking the advertisments for Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, and Target to find the best prices for everything.  You can almost always find a 24 pack of Crayola crayons for $.25, Fiskars scissors for $1 and rules, erasers, and even composition books for pennies.  I saved over $30 last school year purchasing supplies myself instead of using our school's supply program.

Lunch Boxes
You can really find some cute ones out there.  My favorite are the LL Bean Critter Lunchboxes.  They are a perfect size and wash out easily.  They are great for the kids.

Vera Bradley also have some cute patterns in lunch boxes and are reasonably priced considering the cost if you splurge for a larger bag.  I am a Vera Bradley addict!  Lot's of older (4-6th grade) girls are carrying them.  Monkey has one, but it is too feminine for her, so I use it!  Grandma bought it so it was a bonus for me.

There are some extras I have decided to list for fun!

Name Labels, just in case they put it down and forget about it.
Label Your Stuff
Oliver's Labels

Happy Shopping!

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