Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sometimes Life is Difficult

This year has been very eye opening for me as many of my readers know. I have learned a lot about life and people. I am presently struggling with how and why things in life happen. Thankfully, I can say that my family is healthy. When you get right down to it, everyone has their health. Both sets of parents are healthy with only minor concerns and very few prescriptions which at around 70 is great! Ourselves and our siblings are all healthy. We have our aches and pains. I have my knee. My sister in law has challenges from a car accident over a decade ago. She lost most of her fingers on her hand and now has a toe thumb. She also has a hard time remembering things at times. My sister has a blood clotting disorder for which she injects blood thinners during pregnancy but otherwise lives normally. We are all over 30 and don't little things like these come with the territory? However, it is our children that upset me. Don't get me wrong they are all healthy; they too have minor, treatable conditions. But out of 9 children why do 4 have some type of alignment for lack of a better term? Doesn't that seem disproportionate. It is only since yesterday that I have began to question this when I found out that my nephew (my sister in law's son) has been diagnosed with linear scleroderma. That by far out weighs any of the other children's conditions to me. It requires daily medication to control and PT sessions to deal with effects from the disorder. My other nephew was born with a birth defect, craniosynostosis (my sister's son) and two of my children get migraine headaches.  I guess I just think that kids should get a free pass.  I know that isn't life.  It is just upsetting to think about especially when someone you and love is affected by something beyond their control and comprehension.  And I haven't even mentioned the dozens of children I know with cancer and other life altering or life threatening medical conditions.  It is very disheartening to think about.  It certainly reminds me to treasure what I have.  To treasure days without migraines.  To run my fingers through my nephew's hair and fell the bumpy skull underneath and think about how lucky we are that he is o.k.  And to value those days that my children have run with their cousins on the beach, because one day my nephew may not be able to keep up.  Maybe the title of this post should be treasured times!   


Sherri said...

I really think we are all lucky and blessed for every day we just don't know what tomorrow will bring, do you? I get really caught up and sad about these poor kids that have to deal with so much, yet sometimes they are the strongest fighters.

Ali said...

It is important to treasure every day. Kids are such strong fighters that adult often learn a lot from these little kids!