Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sometimes Technology is Over-rated

Here is a quote from Indy "Does this place have Wi-Fi?"  He said this last night while in bed at the house.  It just goes to show that today is a technological age.  However, it has also been my experience while technology has made things easier and faster it is not without flaws.  It seems as though a computer is "good" for 3-6 months and then it starts to develop glitches.  I just tried to update my IPhone.  It went very wrong and wiped out everything on my phone.  It wiped out the software and everything.  Luckily, the nice people at Apple were able to help my husband recover my phone's data and reinstall all the software.  They then recommended that update my phone weekly.  I assume this is because they want to keep their jobs in the call center.  My husband is in the process of doing his now and he has now installed all my phones old apps on his phone.  So, again I say technology is great when it works and when it doesn't it is a big time waster.  However, it does give me time to blog while I listen to my husband get frustrated with it too.  However, without technology I would be unable to blog and that as we all know would be a very bad thing. 

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Sherri said...

Hmmm, yeah how DID they blog back in the day? I guess they hung out in front of the Five and Dime store and chatted.

Good luck with the phone!