Friday, August 20, 2010

Old Friends

I just returned from a fantastic trip to the Potomac River with some old friends who we have not seen in over a year.  Well I take that back, we have seen the husband but not the wife and kids.  You never really know how the kids are going to get along with each other when you have not gotten together for a long time.  We were a little nervous, especially at first when they didn't seem to hit it off.  But, after the Nintendo DS made its appearance all was right in the world.  The adults had a fabulous time, we didn't skip a beat and although we had to catch up on all the stories it was fabulous. Of course we promise never to let a year pass before seeing them again, but I do worry about that!  It seems as if you say that and the next thing you know you are emailing or FBing saying when can we get together.  Time just marches on I guess!

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Katrina said...

Hey there! I'm your newest follower from New Friend Friday. I love getting together with old friends, it's so great to remeber how we use to be so silly growing up!