Friday, August 13, 2010

Sit Back Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Oh summer, my favorite time of year in many ways.  Although, I am a winter gal at heart and love that season because of the weather, summer is my favorite season because we are all so much more relaxed and I am home 24/7 to be with my kids.  Now that my knee surgery is behind me and other than this brace and these crutches making it more difficult than my knee itself to get around, we are out and about doing summer!  Yesterday we visited a children's museum which is one of our favorite pass times.  But, this morning was one of my favorite times because I have discovered how amazing it is to just watch my kids having fun!  I love the looks on their faces and the smiles that reach from one ear to the other.  Mutt, never really shows his true emotions.  For some reason if he catches me looking at him it is all over and I can never get a true reading from him.  So, it is times like these, when he is engaged and all else around him is gone that I see his pure happiness and that smile I love so much.  Today, we went to a local interactive water fountain.  The weather was not that great, but it kept the crowds away.  My sister and her kids joined us for some water fun and boy did I enjoy the photo shoot that ensued.  I have some great pics that really show who my kids truly are.  I just love when you can see who they are just by looking at them. I can't wait to share.  I will post pics later.  Gotta get Mutt to the doctor so he can go to school.  Those silly vaccines!

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